Now that's a pretty review

October 12, 2012

So I'm totally emotional today because I just got a review that reads like friggin' poetry and totally gets me at the same time. I will spare everyone my blubbering and just drop a quote from Melanie over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words in her review of By The River today:

By The River has a quiet, mesmerizing rhythm to it, pulsing with life as it relates the story of a young man who might just be as elemental as water itself.   With her wonderful characterizations and vivid descriptions of a setting that is clearly close to the author’s heart, Katey Hawthorne builds a story of a love between two men that becomes so strong, so elemental in nature that even the idea of loss cannot break it.

*blubbers incoherently*

Thank you, Melanie!

And thanks to Jess, I happened to notice that By the River is currently marked down 20% on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble at the moment. So, hey. Not bad! 

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