Apology and Peace Offering

November 28, 2012

Quick apology to everyone who's waiting for the third Fairy Compacts installment: I'm so sorry it's running late. I really wanted to have it out to the For Raven campaign people before I left for India, but I totally underestimated how much that trip was going take. Now I'm home, but the Airplane Crud has totally caught up with me and I am seriously dragging ass. As in I have like three hours every day where my brain is functional enough to do intensive tasks like editing and proofing. I'd rather apologize profusely than give you all a less-than-perfect product, so I am really, really sorry. I'll make it worth it, promise.

As a peace offering, I've put together the character stats page, displaying Astro's awesome sketches and some vital info for Gabriel and Andrew from my upcoming superpowered love book. Like I say, this one is a ways off, but since I'm working on revisions, blurb-writing, etc, now seemed like a good time to make sure it was on the list. So, so, so excited for a fourth superpowered romance, y'all.

Gabriel is a bit different from my usual heroes, in that he's kind of a dick. I know, I know, Kelly was kind of a dick too, but not like this. Gabriel is a cocky dick. With a badge. But at least he makes it look good?

Anyhow, I'll grovel more later. For now, I give you the boys from Losing Better.

Blurbs and excerpts and such soonish.

Up Next: Losing Better

November 20, 2012

So, now that things are signed and sealed and I'm home from India, I think it's safe to let a few basic facts out of the bag. Yay!

We'll do bullet point form since I am jet lagged all to hell right now. But this is so exciting I've been bursting with it since I left, so here goes:

  • My next book will be a Superpowered Love book from Loose Id! Yay!
  • It's called Losing Better.
  • The hero and storyteller is Gabriel GenĂȘt. Aka "angry ginger". Aka Special Agent GenĂȘt.
  • His mark is Andrew Wynne, Aka "rainbow underpants boy". Aka Vigilante Hero to a small North Carolina town. You've been seeing him for months as my poster boy, though. He's right over there in the sidebar, drawing a frosty little heart.
  • I don't know when. It is a thing with a contract, and I am working on the usual revisiony stuff, but there's no fixed timeline. These things to tend to only take a few months because LI is so very, very on their game, but with the hols between here and there, it's hard to say. I will keep updating as I find out more.

I am so extremely happy. I can't wait to get together blurbs and excerpts to share--sooner rather than later on that.

When I get home...

November 17, 2012

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence around here, but I've been visiting the in-law-types. Which means a big old trip to Chennai. We've been running around a lot while here, since B's family is super nice about me being such a tourist. We spent a day in Tiruvannamalai last week, and yesterday we drove up to Kanchipuram, which I've always wanted to see. All the temples!

At the Sri Ekambaranathar temple in Kanchipuram
We go about every other year, but this was our first Diwali here since we got together. Hope everyone who celebrates had an awesome one with lots of firecrackers. Chennai basically sounded like a war zone all day--but you know, in the not-scary way. Was awesome.

But yes, between that and all the visiting friends and family while we're here, I've been quiet. However, I promise that when I get home in a few days, there will be a very cool announcement in re: Superpowered Love.

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