Apology and Peace Offering

November 28, 2012

Quick apology to everyone who's waiting for the third Fairy Compacts installment: I'm so sorry it's running late. I really wanted to have it out to the For Raven campaign people before I left for India, but I totally underestimated how much that trip was going take. Now I'm home, but the Airplane Crud has totally caught up with me and I am seriously dragging ass. As in I have like three hours every day where my brain is functional enough to do intensive tasks like editing and proofing. I'd rather apologize profusely than give you all a less-than-perfect product, so I am really, really sorry. I'll make it worth it, promise.

As a peace offering, I've put together the character stats page, displaying Astro's awesome sketches and some vital info for Gabriel and Andrew from my upcoming superpowered love book. Like I say, this one is a ways off, but since I'm working on revisions, blurb-writing, etc, now seemed like a good time to make sure it was on the list. So, so, so excited for a fourth superpowered romance, y'all.

Gabriel is a bit different from my usual heroes, in that he's kind of a dick. I know, I know, Kelly was kind of a dick too, but not like this. Gabriel is a cocky dick. With a badge. But at least he makes it look good?

Anyhow, I'll grovel more later. For now, I give you the boys from Losing Better.

Blurbs and excerpts and such soonish.

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