Up Next: Losing Better

November 20, 2012

So, now that things are signed and sealed and I'm home from India, I think it's safe to let a few basic facts out of the bag. Yay!

We'll do bullet point form since I am jet lagged all to hell right now. But this is so exciting I've been bursting with it since I left, so here goes:

  • My next book will be a Superpowered Love book from Loose Id! Yay!
  • It's called Losing Better.
  • The hero and storyteller is Gabriel GenĂȘt. Aka "angry ginger". Aka Special Agent GenĂȘt.
  • His mark is Andrew Wynne, Aka "rainbow underpants boy". Aka Vigilante Hero to a small North Carolina town. You've been seeing him for months as my poster boy, though. He's right over there in the sidebar, drawing a frosty little heart.
  • I don't know when. It is a thing with a contract, and I am working on the usual revisiony stuff, but there's no fixed timeline. These things to tend to only take a few months because LI is so very, very on their game, but with the hols between here and there, it's hard to say. I will keep updating as I find out more.

I am so extremely happy. I can't wait to get together blurbs and excerpts to share--sooner rather than later on that.

J.A. Rock said...

Woot! So excited! I need more angry ginger in my life.

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