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November 17, 2012

Hi all! Sorry for the radio silence around here, but I've been visiting the in-law-types. Which means a big old trip to Chennai. We've been running around a lot while here, since B's family is super nice about me being such a tourist. We spent a day in Tiruvannamalai last week, and yesterday we drove up to Kanchipuram, which I've always wanted to see. All the temples!

At the Sri Ekambaranathar temple in Kanchipuram
We go about every other year, but this was our first Diwali here since we got together. Hope everyone who celebrates had an awesome one with lots of firecrackers. Chennai basically sounded like a war zone all day--but you know, in the not-scary way. Was awesome.

But yes, between that and all the visiting friends and family while we're here, I've been quiet. However, I promise that when I get home in a few days, there will be a very cool announcement in re: Superpowered Love.

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