What I really wanted for Christmas...

December 27, 2013

Didn't get what you really wanted? Loose Id has your back. All books are 25% off for a limited time and... I may or may not have just bought a ton. So um. Here are mine!

The holiday season is almost over, and I hope everyone's safe and happy and got everything they wanted. Or is about to get it, anyhow.

Meet the New Kids

December 15, 2013

First off, apologies for a prolonged absence from blogging. I have a good excuse, though, apart from the holidays (which are always an excuse): I was putting the finishing touches on In Distress, the next installation of Superpowered Love. This one involves Craigslist (Loose Id is doing a thing--details to come), coffee, and superpowered anarchists.

That sounds really weird, I know. Quirky. Let's go with quirky. Yeah.

So while the first read and edits are going on, the shiny new In Distress page will keep updating. If you head there now, you can meet Eddie and Callum, courtesy of brand new character art from Astro. Which always makes my month, but wow, just looooook at these:

I know, right? I'm just. Yeah. Head on over and get to know them a little, and hopefully I'll have more to post soon. ♥


November 23, 2013

Quick note of great import! Well, okay, of great import if you're looking for a deal. Loose Id is having a sale this weekend with editor's pick books at major discounts.

The sale just so happens to include the latest installation of Superpowered Love, Re-entry Burn, which is hefty enough to normally have a $7.99 price tag attached. They've got it on sale for just $4.99 for the weekend! Total steal. So if you've been waiting to scoop it up, now may be the time.

... and I'm about to go raid the sale myself and pick up a bunch of things I've wanted for some time now. Naturally.

Hot off the Presses: Snag Your Own Snarky FBI Boy!

November 22, 2013

It's here, it's here!

Cover by P.L. Nunn

You can get your very own print copy of Losing Better from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or the book store of your choice, yay! Wow, just in time for Thanksgivingkkah (uh, cuz Thanksgiving is late/Hanukkah is early this year--thanks for the word, Hayley!) and Christmas and Solstice and all your other wintry gift-giving needs. Why not give the gift of snarky FBI boy? Everyone wants one!

... Okay Gabe's a bit of a pill so maybe not. But Andrew's sweet, at least?

But you know, it is that time of year, so how about a giveaway? I thought so!

Here's the deal:

Respond in the comments to this blog entry and tell me who your favorite superhero is. You can tell me why or not, doesn't matter! One entry per person, no geographic restrictions, contest closes just as the clock turns over to December 1. I'll let random.org pick a winner, who will get a signed paperback of Losing Better shortly thereafter. Just remember to leave me a way to contact you in case you're the winner--email, twitter, tumblr (make sure you have your asks turned on if so), whatever works for you.

Again, I say, yay!

Superpowered Love News!

October 28, 2013

All manner of Superpowered Love news here today, y'all. I am excite!

ITEM #1:

Losing Better is going to print! Gosh, it'll look so pretty up there next to the Equilibrium/Riot Boy omni and Nobody's Hero. Obviously there will be a giveaway to celebrate when it happens, but for now, let's just admire how pretty Gabriel and Andrew are, shall we?

Thanks be to PL Nunn, amiright?

Yyyeah. All their animosity and stress and cold-electric love, coming soon to a bookshelf  near you.

ITEM #2:

New Superpowered Love in the works, and this one has never before been mentioned! The working title is In Distress. It is tentatively scheduled for early spring as part of a larger themed event at Loose Id, but obviously there's some stuff to be shifted around when we're this far out, right?

Like Riot Boy, In Distress will deal with the perils of falling for a superpowered boy from a sleeper perspective--aka, no powers, yourself. Indeed, never even heard of powers. There's adventure and excitement that drop the hero, Eddie Kim, in waaaaay over his head right from the beginning... even if he doesn't know it.

And, at least in this draft, it begins with a house fire and rescue. This may change drastically between now and then, but here's a snippet of my WiP just to introduce you to Eddie. Who is kind of a little weirdo. Hopefully in a likable way!:

When Gloria showed me the apartment, she said, "Eddie, sweetie, we're re-doing the whole kitchen, don't even sweat it, okay?"
And I said, "The whole kitchen? Oh no. No, no, no, you have got to let me keep that old stove. It's adorable." Lots of italics, just like that, because Gloria's just one of those people who inspires other people to talk with italics in random places.
So maybe I'll just blame the fire on italics. Because that stove, oh my God, I don't know what even happened, but it set some shit on fire about six months later. And there I was, sleeping like a cliché-baby on my little futon, probably dreaming about that guy who plays Jon Snow in Game of Thrones. About him crawling up that giant ice wall with my thighs wrapped around his waist, saving me from the attacking Wildlings. Me shifting my hips (gotta keep warm on the Wall somehow) and whispering into his ear, "Faster, baby, winter is coming."
I have weird dreams sometimes.
The point is that I probably would've died if someone hadn't grabbed my arms and hauled me to my feet. Which I also thought was a dream--but no. The first thing I noticed was that the hands pulling me around were large and gloved--and freezing cold even through the leather. Or maybe I was just hot, because I was sweating and having trouble breathing--but then I shivered violently.
"You're okay--just come with me," said the voice attached to the hands.
My feet slipped on inexplicable ice. The strong, gloved hands steadied me, and the voice said, "Shit, sorry." Then my feet were wet, but it wasn't so slippery, and I could walk.
And some guy in a black hoodie and leather gloves was leading me out of my smoke-filled apartment in the middle of the night. As we turned into the hallway, flame flicked up at the end. He held out a gloved hand. By the firelight, I saw frost spread in a flash over the wall and floor, snuffing out the flames.
I shivered again and decided I was still dreaming. And if I took this guy's hood off, it was clearly going to be Jon Snow. Maybe I should jump on his back?

And that's all I have for today. Back to work making Eddie my damsel in distress. Or... maybe he's the hero after all. Dun dun DUNNNN!

Return from GRL + Reviews

October 22, 2013

Phewwww what a weekend! Hello to everyone I got to meet at GRL in Atlanta this weekend--and man, there are so many people I MISSED there and that makes me sad. Next time I will be better connected, I swear!

Still, it was epic fun. How many conventions can say they're that friendly, open, and full of strippers?


For anyone who wasn't able to come this year, I highly recommend this Authors at GayRomLit share their favorite con moments story. Esp Anne Tenino's $40 Story. Which had me almost in tears in the Rathskellar bar later that night. But it was a glorious long weekend celebrating what we love best--with a side order of unabashed nerdery that makes everything just perfect for me.

Also I managed to wear heels for three nights in a row and not hurt myself. Go me!

Now service shall return to normal. Once I get over my con crud and/or whatever weird allergy issues I was having last week piling on. In the meantime, here are some really fabulous reviews for Re-Entry Burn I've posted to random social media, but not the blog. The horror!

Malory is the main personality here and we get to know him intimately. He evolves from a whiney, hard done by, but hard to love character into one who is thoughtful, hopeful and has a sharp self awareness, without losing the edginess that makes him interesting.
I really appreciate her thoughts on making the transition from Riot Boy, with Brady as a hero, to Re-Entry Burn, with Malory, the former villain, as a hero. Very cool stuff, so check it out, and thanks, Raine.

How I love these people and their stories.  I find them downright irresistible in voice and personality.  
This review just about made me cry, seriously. Melanie chose some passages to illustrate her insightful points, both about Mal and Theo and the themes in the book in general--which I'll talk about here soon individually, but range from rehabilitation to isolation and all manner of things in between. 

That's it for me from now, back to work! Possibly tomorrow I will have some interesting news in Superpowered Love things, too... :D

Angry Bi Kid Approved Comics: Young Avengers

September 23, 2013

Warning: This blog post contains spoilers for Young Avengers v2 #s 8 and 9.

You know, I've had a half-written review of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Young Avengers v2 for this blog sitting here for, no kidding, three months now. Or since my last comic book update post happened. But this summer has been completely ridic (not in a good way), so nothing that was meant to get done got done. Anyhow, McKelvie is my favorite artist working right now in comics--I know, I say this like every day, but still--and Gillen, man, even when he gets crap editorially dictated to him, he manages to make the writing shine. These guys. These guys.

So today is Bi Visibility Day + Celebrate Bisexuality Day and I'm an Angry Bi Kid™, as you may have noticed. Possibly. So I'm gonna use this opportunity to talk about one of the coolest recent bisexual happenings in popular fiction and why it was awesome. And it just happens to be from Young Avengers, so I'm just gonna scrap that half-review and focus on this one reason why it is my favorite comic right now. And on its way to the all-time greats list, probably.

Skip this paragraph if you don't care about the background: David Alleyne, aka Prodigy, is a Marvel mutant--X-Men affiliated... on and off--who had the ability to telepathically absorb knowledge, skills, abilities, and (awkwardly enough, sometimes) memories from the people around him. I say this in past-tense because he was depowered on the travesty that was M-Day, but for convoluted reasons he regained the stuff he'd absorbed before then and still has it. He's with the Young Avengers in this arc, trying to rescue a friend.

Some of you may be aware that one of the most talked of couples in the Marvelverse are Billy and Teddy, or Wiccan and Hulking, who are adorably angsty right now.

And in the end of issue #8 David kissed Teddy. Much to Teddy's surprise and David's embarrassment, but you can read to find out all that awesome. My point is that this, from #9, is a great but simply written and drawn explanation/analogy:

No, it's cool, you can click them to make them bigger and read. I'll wait. Because lemme tell you, I am feeling David pretty hard right now. (Also haha "the wiki has since been updated" ♥)

And yeah, I know, I didn't need that last bit in there, but Teddy and Billy's constant Game of Thrones references kill me so. You know. Had to be done.

Now, I've seen people complain that this makes it sound like David's powers "made him gay". I cannot tell you how angry that makes me on multiple levels without sputtering and spewing obscenity that would rival even my most foulmouthed character (looking at you, Malory--another Angry Bi Kid™, wahey, I see a pattern). I will simply--and calmly!!1!11!one!--point out that it is willfully removing the entire context in order to present something very positive--both for the character and for bisexual readers, who do not get enough of this at all ever--as negative for absolutely no good reason. Except to complain about the book.

It also makes me angry for the same reasons of erasure and dismissiveness the concept of 'Gay For You'  in romance often makes me angry, but that's an old rant, I know, I'll stop.

Here are Kieron Gillen's author notes on the issue, containing his thoughts on how and why he went about David putting it precisely like this, which I won't rehash. If you don't wanna read the rest, scroll down to where he starts taking about "Page 5".

So that, basically.

Okay, so all that said, how fucking rad is this? God, I wish so hard that Marvel had been producing things like this when I was a kid, but I can't even be upset because I'm just so glad it exists now. Like emotionally moved to the tearing-up hand-flapping stage that this exists in a popular mainstream comic. I felt much the same way about Julie Power in Avengers Academy (which I talked about here before after it happened because yay bi-girl!), but I'm giving this one its own post because 1. the day and 2. I promised to talk YA ages ago.

Anyhow, Young Avengers #10, which will finish out this super-intense (oh god, my feels) arc, goes on sale in comic shops and the Marvel app this Wednesday the 25th Sept. And the trade of the first arc is already available. Can you jump into it right at #1 of this volume/with that TPB if you haven't read the stuff that happened before? Probably. It'd be better if you started from the beginning, yeah, but I think people with a passing familiarity with the Avengers could figure it out. There's always wikipedia.

Plus, come on. It's so pretty.

And that's all from your friendly neighborhood queer comic pusher on Bi Visibilty Day 2013. Woohoo!

5 Fun Facts

September 11, 2013

Today it's time for fun facts about "Willoughby Spit", the freebie short that comes between Riot Boy and Re-entry Burn, for those who'd like to know just what Brady and Etienne have been up to. It takes place while Brady and his band Willoughby Spit are recording their first EP--to take on tour with them. Probably.

If you're seeing this on a feed, like Goodreads or something, it'll look a lot better if you click through to the blog, since this is image/video heavy, as posts go.

Willoughby Spit EP cover
Download the book and get a pdf of the cover art, front and back!

Fun Fact #1: Brady and Et live in my best friend's house in Pittsburgh. It's true, my best friend since I was six (see also: the dedication to Equilibrium) lives in precisely the house Brady describes, in precisely the location he describes--well, as much as he does describe it, since I'm not trying to advertise my best friend's address. That'd be awkward.

I grew up about a half hour (depending on traffic) outside of Pittsburgh, so it was really My First City. I miss it a lot.

Fun Fact #2: "I Like Fucking" is Brady's favorite Bikini Kill song.

It is amazing. Riot grrrls

And Melissa, who gets roped into singing it (because a dude singing it just doesn't work, come on)... it's kinda her theme song.

Fun Fact #3: The line 'an unhealthy thirst darkens my veins', which Brady assures Tyler "was written by a horny sixteen-year-old French boy in 1872"  is from my favorite Rimbaud poem, "Song of the Highest Tower". Actually it's not just my favorite Rimbaud poem, it's probably my favorite poem full stop.

Fun Fact #4: As for the rest of the EP's track listing, Brady wrote "Freezer Burn" about Mal, "Bookshop Boy" about Etienne, and "Liar" for certain politicians.

Fun Fact #5: This one is for Jess, who asked about George a week or two ago. George the Fox, whom Brady puts on his amp before every rehearsal and/or show, is real. This is him:

Poor George has a rough time of it in "Willoughby Spit". Tyler, why you gotta be so mean? :(
Brady picked him up after he left home the third time (because how could he not? Look at that face!)--the time that stuck, and he figured that made him good luck.

I put him in both Riot Boy and "Willoughby Spit" as an oblique reference to Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers. Those jerks (aka my favorite band ever--also Malory's, but that's another post) didn't come to the US and play a show for ten years. I'm not exaggerating, it was literally ten years. Then, finally, I think it was after Send Away the Tigers (ETA: Nope, sorry, the Journal for Plague Lovers cover is right there on stage behind Nicky in the pic below. Ha!), they appeared, and Irene--yes she of Superpowered Science--got us tickets to see them in New York.

Most people go to New York to see Broadway shows. I go for random bands, apparently. I don't even know.
So when they came out on stage, my teenage years flashed before my eyes, obviously. But also, Nicky Wire, fabulous bass player and all around source of awesome frocks, boas, and accessories, set up some little stuffed animals on his amp.

Okay it's a crappy picture from the cell I had like 5 years ago, but you can still kinda see them behind Nicky there. Also his signature mic draped in boas and pretty things. Nicky ♥
And I thought: holy fuck, that's perfect. I don't know why he did it, or if he does it at every show, or what. But I had Brady do it in, um, homage, I guess, to one of my favorite bass players. Because Brady totally would.

Also, the Manics still haven't been back since. Sigh.

Bonus music: 

Buzzcocks - "Raison D'etre". If you've read the story, you know why!

And that's all she wrote!

"Willoughby Spit" cropped up on B&N too recently, so here's the list of ways to get it, for the curious. Please mind the warnings within, though:

My Box.net folder (separate zip files for mobi, epub, pdf, and htm--take whatever you like!)
Smashwords (all eBook formats)

Giveaway at Joyfully Jay

September 9, 2013

Just a run-by posting to remind y'all that there's still a day left to get in on the giveaway over at Joyfully Jay! I've got a little guest post about redeeming a villain and in the end if you drop a comment, you can be entered to win a copy of Re-Entry Burn and Riot Boy (or, if you have Riot Boy, something else of mine). Woohoo!

I'll have another giveaway later too, promise! Life has just been a bit wild for the last few. :D

First Review!

September 4, 2013

Re-entry Burn got its first review over at Joyfully Jay this morning--along with the freebie short, "Willougby Spit". Jay gives the book 4.75 stars (omg yay!) and says it's highly recommended. As usual over there, the review is in-depth, thoughtful, and really sinks its teeth into some of the stuff I wanted to play with in the book--

So. All the squee.

Check out her review here, and watch out for a giveaway coming up there in a few days, too! Thank you, Jay ♥

Don't forget, you can get Brady's short that comes between Reentry Burn and Riot Boy, "Willoughby Spit",  from several different places via the Free Reads page.

Re-Entry Burn Exists!

August 27, 2013

It is a real book that is now available on the Loose Id site, yay!

More resellers will come and I'll keep both the Re-Entry Burn page and side bar updated. Go forth and seek out Malory, the crankiest woobie bad guy in the superpowered world!

Or, at least... in Arlington, VA.

ETA: Oooh that was fast! Amazon has it now too.

Willoughby Spit Time

August 20, 2013

AAD was of course fabulous. I fangirled a lot. But I wouldn't be me otherwise, I figure. Ha! There are some great pics from the Vampire Ball and Elemental Masquerade on facebook, if anyone's interested. Everyone was all corseted up to perfection. We had a great time both at the con and in Savannah itself. Which is beautiful.

I gave out a bunch of Willoughby Spit CDs there, and now the time has come to make the story available online wee! Here's the deal, as recently added to the Free Reads page:

"Willoughby Spit"

Since the events of Riot Boy, Brady's been loving his quiet life in Pittsburgh with Etienne. He's also been writing songs for his band, Willoughby Spit--and people are starting to sit up and take notice. A golden tour opportunity could be right around the corner... if Brady can stop panicking. Rather, if Etienne can convince him to stop panicking.

This story takes place two years after Riot Boy, the week Re-entry Burn starts.
1. Some spoilers for Riot Boy, though it's entirely possible to read this short first, if you don't mind that. Hints for Re-entry Burn, but no spoilers there.
2. Contains explicit m/m scenes and references to Brady's favorite sugarkink: handcuffs. Therefore, not suitable for those under 18. Also contains a bratty temper tantrum or two. And Primanti sandwiches.

Get "Willoughby Spit" for free:
My Box.net folder (separate zip files for mobi, epub, pdf, and htm--take whatever you like!)
Smashwords (all eBook formats)
Goodreads (should be an ePub there momentarily!)

You could wait to see me at GRL and get a CD yourself, but since Re-entry Burn happens in exactly two weeks from now--barring disaster--I say go for both!

Re-Entry Burn Cover!

August 13, 2013

... welp. P.L. Nunn leaves me speechless. So. I just.

Guys. I love it so much. ♥

Over here we're finishing up prep for Authors After Dark, yay! My office is full of swag and books and other pretty things. Suuuuper excited about seeing everyone there, plus the excellent panels that are planned. Plus all the fangirling I'm gonna do. And the elemental masque.

There will be costume pictures. And probably embarrassing tweets.

I feel like I had something else I was supposed to do tonight before we start our journey to Savannah tomorrow, but I'm so distracted by the shiny right now. The pretty, pretty shiny. I just. Guys.

Re-entry Excerpts

July 30, 2013

The Re-entry Burn page has just gotten a huge update to include, yes, excerpts! There's one that involves the Mal's first hook up with Theo, and also an update of that flashback Mal-and-Brady one...

Brady sat down at the edge of my bed and gave me a little shake. “Mal. Malory. Wake up, man.”

“Fuck off,” I said. “It’s, like, three in the morning.”

“Two. Hey. Mal, look at me.”

So I did. He was in full eyeliner-and-hair-gel getup. I sat up, shoved him over so I could pull my legs up under me, and said, “What?”

But I knew what because his backpack was at his feet.

“I’m leaving,” he said.

So I said, “Course you are. Look, just gimme a date I can give Dad to get him off my back. He’s a pain in the ass when you do this.”

He shook his head. “Not coming back.”

“Whatever. Fuck you.” I tried to stretch out and put my head back on the pillow.

Track Listing

July 25, 2013

Re-entry Burn edits all day today--which means excerpt coming soon. Yee-haw.

In the meantime, here's the rest of that tease, the back of the Willoughby Spit CD. Click to embiggen!

What's the deal with this? It's packaging for a new short, as the last post might've led some to imagine. Two years after Riot Boy, where the hell are Brady and Etienne? Well, Pittsburgh, obviously. But we'll find out the rest soon.

This is going to be a freebie in late August here at the blog, but if you'll be around at AAD Savannah, look me up and grab a CD version!

Willoughby Spit

July 18, 2013

Just to tease a little, something new coming up next month to herald the imminent arrival of Re-entry Burn.

CD Front:

I'll post the back this weekend. But yeah. Brady's coming back for a little encore.

Artwork credit: Copyright williammpark 2012, under license from shutterstock.com. Design: me.

Incoming Super Villain!

July 7, 2013

I am so, so happy to be able to announce that my next book will be some more Superpowered Love: Re-entry Burn! Of course, I'd be excited to announce any book, but this one has a special place in my heart. It's the follow-up to Riot Boy, following what happened to, of all people, Brady's cousin Malory.

Malory by Astro

Yeah, he doesn't look real happy, does he? He hardly ever does. Poor Mal.

A couple of FAQs so far:

1. Do I have to have read Riot Boy to get Re-entry Burn
Absolutely not. I made sure to ask at least one beta reader who had never read Riot Boy to help me out with Re-entry Burn right from the beginning (thanks Jen and John!), and it was deemed quite stand-alone. That said, there are of course spoilers for Riot Boy involved.

2. Will I see Brady and Etienne from Riot Boy?
You will see Brady in flashbacks, since Mal has a lot of, um, feelings about their childhood, but that's it. This is Malory's book! (Once upon a time, during the Erotic Romance Blog Hop, Tara Lain was kind enough to host a piece of this one for me. You can still see it here, if you're interested.)

3. Is this a rocker story?
No. Mal is decidedly not a rocker--in fact, he has a few hang-ups about music thanks to the way things went, um, sour with Brady. But as usual, there is a soundtrack involved, and it factors into the book heavily.

4. Okay, so what kind of story is it?
I'm glad you asked that question! 

... sorry that was super dorky. But I can answer! If you check out the shiny new Re-entry Burn page here, there's a little blurb and some character stats for the two main characters. Excerpts to follow little by little before the book is live in early fall.

And in closing, sorry for the radio silence lately on this blog. That's about to change--I still have that Young Avengers rant to post, too! Things just got a bit bonkers with life, but it's settling down now. ♥

Comics Update!

May 23, 2013

You know, this was gonna be a regularly scheduled comics update, but it turned into a Young Avengers v2 review/rant. I cut that out and I'm gonna go with that tomorrow. So here's a quick rundown of my other books right now.

Spider Books:
Avenging Spider-Man. Fun. Spider-books are a bit weird atm thanks to Doc Ock taking over his body, but what can you do? Rotating writers and artists, some are better than others, obviously.

Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles, why are you so amazing? 

Team Books:
Fearless Defenders. Love it. Great fun, and I don't normally enjoy Asgardian-type storylines as much, but these ladies...

Valkyrie and Misty Knight from Fearless Defenders V1 by Bunn/Jiminez. Sorry Misty. Yeah. There totally is. :/

Young Avengers. Rant incoming tomorrow. But it's awesome.

I dropped Astonishing X-Men, finally, the last vestige of my X-team reading for the moment. I can't with the characterization. It was too painful. I really wanted to like it, but I feel super let down. :/

I'll pick up Wood and Copiel's new all-lady X-Men team at the end of the month and hope it's half as good as I want it to be.

Solo Books:
Gambit. Really good fun. Self-deprecating and charming and nobly idiotic and outside-the-superhero-box. Just how we like our Remy. Also this...

From Gambit V5 by Asmus/Mann. Yeah she screwed you over big time and you're gonna go to the rescue anyhow and oh my god Remy could be you be more ridiculous? Or hotter? DIDN'T THINK SO.

Captain Marvel. Shit is getting pretty intense and Kelly Sue DeConnick's Carol is great (though I don't really love Andrade's art, it's interesting). I've even picked up the first issue of the Avengers crossover, The Enemy Within, which is a huge leap of faith since crossovers generally spell disaster at Marvel.

Hawkeye. This is up for an Eisner or two. For good reason. My initial fears have been unfounded, yay!

Other Books:
Saga. Also up for an Eisner or two. If you want an incredible story with brilliant characters, definitely check this out. BKV wins with this one, big time. Wonderful story, brilliant worldbuilding, and Julia Staples' art, just, wow.

I've got a bunch of old stuff to read and re-read loaded onto my iPad (X-23, Excalibur, Journey into Mystery), but this is the current monthly buy stuff. Back with that rant soon!

2013 Hop Against Homophobia and Trans*phobia: For All My Unicorns Out There

May 17, 2013

Hello and welcome! Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which is, of course, awesome. Cynics, step off; no one's saying today solves the problems. I'm just saying that talking about problems is where the solving starts and how it moves forward, and I love that this hop exists for that purpose. Thanks so much to Erica, K-Lee, NJ, Cherie, and Sasha for organizing it. You are amaze.

Last year I did an interview about the production of The Laramie Project -- the preparation and research it takes, the reactions it causes, and the awareness I've seen it raise. 

This year, I figured I'd go a little more personal and a touch lighter, if not completely. Heavy subject is heavy. 

I've done posts before about bisexuality and biphobia here, but lately I've been trying to let the stories do the talking. Lately, however, as I see more statistics, see bisexual and pansexual people struggling with identity and coming out issues, it's become even more worrying to me that a lot of people just don't know where to go when they need answers and support. 

I'm not gay. I'm not straight. No one believes me, no one wants me. Hence the joke about bisexual people being like unicorns. Mythical creatures. We don't even exist.

I sort of grew up in the beginning of the internet era, so I sometimes think I can blame that for not quite figuring my shit out early on. I was so conditioned towards not just a heterocentric worldview, but monosexism that I didn't even know it was possible. Adolescence sucks, but moreso when it seems like something's broken. Why am I not constantly interested in boys like my friends? Why do I stress out over that girl so much? Why do I remember the thing she gave me and obsess over it? Why do I wish she'd be my friend but closer than that and why do I just want to stare at her and feel fluttery? To have all these thoughts and never realize what they meant was a sign of some hardcore social conditioning.

Sounds rough, right? That's just the beginning. Statistics say something is very, very rough, obviously. But I'm not gonna focus on that, right now, because otherwise I'll be here all day linking articles about how biphobia is a rampant phenomenon that is causing serious destruction to a lot of people. (Okay, here's one more.)

But by the time I was 24, "I'm bisexual" was a first date conversation. Someone's reaction to that would tell me enough to know if date number two was going to be a thing. I was on my own, in a position to support myself, and the first of my family and friends to learn this fun fact about Katey were perfect about it--if not terribly surprised. I escaped with relatively (and oh, it is relative!) damage because of those circumstances. It would've been harder if it had happened earlier, without a doubt, though obviously I can't say how much.

I can say that I would've needed even more help than I do now. And I often do. So here are some helpful things from my bookmarks for bi people and allies:

Here's an excellent resource post by Maria on tumblr for people who need that or want to know more about bisexual issues. I love this list because it focuses on intersectionality, with sections specifically detailing resources on feminism, trans* issues, racism, and other issues that are all linked. Aka: not your old rich white guy list. There are also bisexual health statistics resources (like I said, this stuff can be extremely damaging), information on the defintion of "bisexual" (which is apparently very confusing to some), and relevant history, and bisexuality in the media (a favorite topic of mine, obvs).

You'll often hear talk of Robyn Ochs, and for good reason. Her definition of bisexuality is the one I've seen most often cited around the communities, and yes, I like it. She also has excellent resources on trans* and intersex issues.

There's also the Bisexual Resource Center, Bialogue (the tumblr is great), and Lani Ka'ahumanu--who I believe is also linked in the catch-all post above, but here's her Bi Any Other Name page, which is worth checking out for some seminal bisexual lit.

You totally exist, and there are people who believe you and want you and support you. I don't know, maybe you trail glitter too, but I'll bet you're not a unicorn, either. Next time someone makes you feel like you don't, or can't, or shouldn't have that, check out some of those places and see where they lead. It's a frustrating world, but there are a lot of people out there trying to make it better. Sometimes just knowing that helps.

Also, shout out to Kris for bringing that initial resource post to my attention via my tumblr dash. All the hearts.

And now comes my contribution to the giveaway frenzy. Wee! Well, I'd offer some bi pride stuff, but that's not everyone's bag even if they do identify that way. So whoever wins can pick any eBook of mine they want (from either pen-name)... with a bisexual protag*. Also, last year we did a 3-pack of Matthew Shepard Foundation ERASE HATE bracelets, so let's do that again too. Make it a tradition :D

To win: Drop your email address (or twitter, or goodreads username, or something where I can get hold of you if you win) in a comment on this post. On May 27, I'll let random.org choose a winner!

*Current options: Equilibrium, By the River, Fairy Compacts (all of them, incl the still-to-come third and final installation), Inedible Sins, Liam, or Scripped. Or, if you're willing to wait, my next one will count too ;)

Hop to the next participant!:

Scans from Kellan's Comic Collection: Spidey/Torch and a Very Happy Birthday

May 10, 2013

I know I haven't done one of these in a while, guys, but I found a bunch of my old comics from high school this weekend while visiting my parents, and Kellan insisted. His favorite bromance, my favorite bromance, Pete and Johnny, Spider-Man and the Human Torch, are back! Time for more Scans from Kellan's Comic Collection. (You can find the old ones in the Nobody's Hero tag, if interested.)

This one's from #4 of Spider-Man Team-Up (featuring Fantastic Four) by Jurgens and McLeod from June '96. Pete is doing something pretty intense and dangerous, looks like...

Uh-oh, Spidey! (Click to embiggen!)
And then, we find...

Happy birthday, Torchie! (Click to embiggen.)
I get the feeling Kellan has to do something similar to get Jamie out of bed on his birthday.

(Um, you can take that however you want. I swear I meant it innocently, but then after I typed it... yeah.)

In other news, there will be a general comic-reading update coming soon, since my last one was sadly out of date, and a writing update, too! We're finally properly settled in one place--and certain we'll be here for a year or so at least, so this show is officially back on the road. ♥

Interview time!

April 1, 2013

Hey guys!

So I did not announce this, but MeL won the copy Nobody's Hero, so yay for MeL! I was gonna send that last week, but I still haven't figured out where my post office is here in the new digs. So, um. That's incoming this week! Please don't hate me ♥

Just a quick run-by to mention that there's a small interview and feature with me over at The Romance Studio this month. Not an April Fool's joke!

Win a pretty print edition...

March 12, 2013

...of Nobody's Hero, yay!

The book is now available in print at both Amazon and B&N (and there's a great deal on it at B&N atm, for the record). But seeing as this is all just in time for St. Patrick's day, Kellan's favorite holiday, it seems like now might be a good time for a giveaway.

So here's the deal. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post (if you're seeing this on a feed like goodreads, please click through to the Superpowered Love site so you can be entered in the right order), right here, and give me some way to find you. Email, twitter, goodreads, tumblr anywhere I can message you and let you know if you won. At midnight on St. Pat's, I'll let random.org pick a winner, and you'll get a shiny print copy of Nobody's Hero.

If you wanna leave me the name of your favorite paddy rock song--or actual Irish traditional, sure that'll work!--that's not really a bonus point toward the giveaway... but it's a bonus point in a kind of intangible awesome way. Here's one from Kellan to you, from his favorites, the Tossers:

Nobody's Hero--in Print!

March 1, 2013

Nobody's Hero is going to print just in time for St. Patrick's day woo! I'll keep everything updated once we know exactly when (soon) and where (apart from the obvious), but here's the pretty cover wrap with PL Nunn's art. Click to embiggen, if you like.

Of course we'll have to do a giveaway for a copy, won't we? Okay, coming as soon as I get settled in my new house (we're moving, yay!), I'll get that sorted out. A St. Pat's giveaway of which Kellan would approve :D

Jock Week!

February 24, 2013

Now for something slightly different! As much as I enjoy discussing superpowered dudes and giving people an excuse to shout, "FBI, MOTHERFUCKER!" (it's a Gabriel thing), the thing is, over at Joyfully Jay, it's:

You will no doubt recall my many posts during the Olympics this summer regarding the virtues of swimming... and swimmers. Possibly a little self-absorbed, since that was "my sport" (until I went to college and gave it up for the sport I still love most today: drinking. Wait...), but what can you do? Well, this week I get to do a swimmer-based guest post for Jock Week. Woohoo! 

Definitely stop by and check out the massive giveaway she's doing--including a copy of By the River since, you know. Leith. Swimmerboy. Obvs. :D

Fabulous Miscellany

February 14, 2013

Item #1: Winners!
The winners of the Losing Better Prize packs are

A- Megan!
B- Eleanor!
C- Aardappelen!

I'll be in touch shortly. Yay! Exclamation points!!1!1one!

Item #2: Review!
And now, a moment of appreciation for this incredibly thoughtful review of Losing Better from Melanie at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words. Melanie gave it 4.75 stars and said:
I love Riot Boy and wondered how Katey Hawthorne was ever going to be able to supplant that book in my heart and then she writes Losing Better, one white hot tale of love and lust between two emotionally messed up and diametrically opposed men. I also think that the characters the author created for Losing Better are the most complex, difficult, and yet thoroughly human (albeit with super powers) people we have seen from her.

Thank you, Melanie, for giving it a chance. (Oh and extra thanks for giving Gabriel a chance. Of course!)

Item #3: New Book!
Liam is here!

I know, I know, I just had a book, but the other me has one out for Valentine's today. This is the love story for monsters I've mentioned before, and I do think it'd appeal to some readers of superpowered/elemental/fae love. Nasty vampires love can be really good times, if you're into that sort of thing. To quite my friend John, vampire sex is a lot like shark sex. Lots of blood and thrashing around...

Anyhow, please check it out, because it's all vampy screwed-upness with a bisexual vibe and lots of weird little vampirey details and weird side characters--all of which will have major consequences down the road, because this is one big story getting started with one small romance (of a sort) here.

Review Time

February 11, 2013

Minor Losing Better update: we have reviews, and they are rather nice, thank you very much.

 Jeayci over at Jesswave gives it a 4.5 and says:

Even when I was disliking Gabriel, I was still caught up in the story. Each time I had to set it down, I found myself thinking about it, eager to read more.

Jay over at Joyfully Jay gives it a 4.5 and says:

...Gabriel here is a bit of a hard man to love.  I mean really, he is sort of an ass, at least part of the time.  Which makes for a unique perspective as he is our POV character.  Basically Andrew is this big, shaggy, lovable puppy of a man (who also happens to be scorching hot).  So we love him right away (especially because he doesn’t wear underwear with his soccer shorts). 

Okay, I do realize those seem like odd quotes to share, but I am particularly gleeful that they both mentioned what an ass Gabriel is... and liked it either in spite of or because of that. (It's hard to say, with Gabriel. Believe me, I know, I've been apologizing for the guy for like a year now already.) Writing any novel with a dick for a "hero" is a gamble; writing a romance novel with a dick for a "hero" could be considered willfully self-destructive. Naturally, I am pleased that it is having the intended effect upon some! Thank you, Jeayci and Jay, for such thoughtful reviews.

I'll stop now, but definitely check out the reviews if you're up in the air about it, and don't forget to enter the big giveaway. Still a few days to get your very own cheesy FBI swag. Oh yeah, and the book. Check out the Losing Better page for all the excerpts (yes,  both are there now, plus links to others!) and fun facts.

The Massive Losing Better Giveaway

February 6, 2013


Well, we knew it had to happen. Yes, it is time for a big old-fashioned Superpowered Love Giveaway. (Okay it is not that old fashioned, but I've done it for all the book since Riot Boy, so now it's a thing.) This one has music and books mentioned in the story--Gabriel's favorite band Suede and Andrew's favorite poet Langston Hughes--but also hilariously cheesy FBI swag. Yes, you too can produce something and say, "FBI, motherfucker!" 

Here's the deal:

1. Check out the book! (Optional, but still amusing.)
2. Choose a prize pack. (A, B, or C.)
3. Comment on this post right here with your choice. (If you're seeing this on a feed, such as at GoodReads, please click through to kateyhawthorne.com so they get numbered in order.)
4. Make sure to leave a way to contact you. (Twitter handle, email, blog address, goodreads username, anywhere that isn't locked down so I can find you if you win.)

Prize Pack A:
-One eBook copy of Losing Better
-One CD of Suede - Singles
-FBI lanyard

Prize Pack B:
-One eBook copy of Losing Better
-FBI mini-flashlight

Prize Pack C:
-$10 gift card to the Loose Id store
-One CD of Suede - Singles
-FBI patch

Notes: Suede is an amazing band, Langston Hughes is my favorite American poet, and the FBI swag is truly ridiculous.

The giveaway is open from 6pm February 6th to 6pm February 13 to all--no country restrictions. All comments will be numbered and then random.org will draw a winner for each of the prizes. Good luck.

(FBI, motherfucker! ... sorry, Gabriel made me. It's a thing of his.)

Free Superheroes?

February 5, 2013


I've got a guest post over at Joyfully Jay today all about the central theme of Losing Better (apart from the romance thing, obviously): Superheroes and Vigilantes. If you drop a comment, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of the book. Woohoo! The giveaway ends Feb 8.

Also, Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea are doing their Babes in Boyland 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Lovefest. They have loads of prizes--books and other awesome things, even--for their readers, and a copy of Losing Better is in the pot too. That one ends on V-Day, of course. And really, if you haven't seen it, it's huge. And brilliant.

ETA 6:30PM: Exclusive excerpt over at Honey Bunny! Intense making out ahoy...

Ready to Lose

... at least I didn't use allcaps, right? I might be a little excited. Sorry.

Of course I'll keep the page and the sidebar updated as more resellers become available, and tomorrow there will be some fabulous stuff going on--excerpts, giveaways, guest posts waxing poetic on the subject of superheroes. You know, pretty much what you'd expect from, well, me.

So just a tiny late-night update, here. Gabriel in all his cranky glory--Andrew in all his... rainbow underpants glory. Yes. It's a thing.

Losing Better: Cover Edition

February 4, 2013

Cover by P.L. Nunn

You know what. I'm just... I'm just gonna leave that there. It speaks for itself. Oh, but P.L. Nunn is amazing. For the record. ljsflkajfklajfskalfjal!!!!11!!one!

If you haven't checked out what's coming up on Tuesday, click the cover for the goods. Soon after the book goes live, one more excerpt will appear, promise! And then, oh man. So much with the giveaways and celebration. So. Much.

Meet Kieran

February 2, 2013

Ooooh the time for Losing Better is almost here. Tuesday! Eee!

Because I just cannot wait any more, I want to introduce y'all to my third man. Yeah, you've met Gabriel and Andrew, the heroes (though their definitions of "hero" are lightyears apart, I guess they both count, to me) if you've popped by the page. But Losing Better has a bonus hero, Kieran, who is rather a darling. In terms of the Andrew-and-Gabriel scenario, he's rather on the outskirts--but never fear, because yes, Kieran's own book is already planned and partially scripted.

But he gets to have his fun in this one, first. Here, have his proper* introduction to Gabriel.

“Who’s your pretty friend?” I asked, though I remembered very well that Alyssa had called him Kieran and that Andrew had been anxious for his return from somewhere-or-other. 
I expected the pretty boy to fix me with a death look, but he only smiled and checked me out, still clinging to Andrew. He said, just the faintest hint of the South in his voice, “Been wanting to ask the same thing all night. Hello, handsome.” 
Andrew’s cheeks flushed beneath his tan, and he made a halfhearted attempt to pry the boy off him. “Um, this is Kieran Hooper. Kieran, Gabriel GenĂȘt, an old friend.” 
I refer to him as a boy, but that wasn’t accurate. This Kieran was easily in his twenties, but there was something about the eyes, the smile, that spoke of a kind of youth—or perhaps innocence—that made his true age difficult to judge. He disengaged one arm from around Andrew and leaned toward me, laying that hand on my shoulder. He stage-whispered, “Your old friend is being a tease.” 
I smirked. “He’s good at that.” 
Andrew, still holding Kieran about the middle like he wasn’t sure what to do with him, said, “I know this must look bad.” 
That sounded dangerously like an apology. I had no desire to hear it or to know why he’d think such a thing necessary, so I cut him off with, “No, actually. It’s looking very, very good.”

He's a sleeper** who is some day destined for Great Things. But in Losing Better, he is knocking around North Carolina, brightening up Andrew's famous parties, charming even the crankiest of FBI agents***, and leaving glitter in his wake.

More this weekend--as in time for a real excerpt, plus, incoming cover action! But that's all for tonight. Sweet dreams.

*Proper because he does, in fact, see and wink at Gabriel earlier in the evening. Bless his wee glittery heart.
**Non-superpowered human, for the uninitiated.
***As in Gabriel.

Losing Better Update

January 2, 2013

Happy new year, everyone! Hope the holidays in general were good to you. They were great to me--even the bit where I was snowed in at my parents' in West Virginia for longer than expected. The good news: I was totally free to polish off some work on Losing Better, the fourth superpowered love book. It should be here, if all goes to plan, in a little over a month.

I know. I'm so excited. AHHH.

... right. Totally cool.

To celebrate, I've updated the Losing Better page to make it awesome. Well, closer to awesome. There is now a tentative blurb and an excerpt, for starters, woohoo!

Not interested in blurbs? Already read the character stats? Hey, click the quote to go straight to the excerpt. Gabriel and Andrew have just finished a little reunion dinner, and are about to have dessert... right there in the kitchen.

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