Losing Better Update

January 2, 2013

Happy new year, everyone! Hope the holidays in general were good to you. They were great to me--even the bit where I was snowed in at my parents' in West Virginia for longer than expected. The good news: I was totally free to polish off some work on Losing Better, the fourth superpowered love book. It should be here, if all goes to plan, in a little over a month.

I know. I'm so excited. AHHH.

... right. Totally cool.

To celebrate, I've updated the Losing Better page to make it awesome. Well, closer to awesome. There is now a tentative blurb and an excerpt, for starters, woohoo!

Not interested in blurbs? Already read the character stats? Hey, click the quote to go straight to the excerpt. Gabriel and Andrew have just finished a little reunion dinner, and are about to have dessert... right there in the kitchen.

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