Jock Week!

February 24, 2013

Now for something slightly different! As much as I enjoy discussing superpowered dudes and giving people an excuse to shout, "FBI, MOTHERFUCKER!" (it's a Gabriel thing), the thing is, over at Joyfully Jay, it's:

You will no doubt recall my many posts during the Olympics this summer regarding the virtues of swimming... and swimmers. Possibly a little self-absorbed, since that was "my sport" (until I went to college and gave it up for the sport I still love most today: drinking. Wait...), but what can you do? Well, this week I get to do a swimmer-based guest post for Jock Week. Woohoo! 

Definitely stop by and check out the massive giveaway she's doing--including a copy of By the River since, you know. Leith. Swimmerboy. Obvs. :D

Fabulous Miscellany

February 14, 2013

Item #1: Winners!
The winners of the Losing Better Prize packs are

A- Megan!
B- Eleanor!
C- Aardappelen!

I'll be in touch shortly. Yay! Exclamation points!!1!1one!

Item #2: Review!
And now, a moment of appreciation for this incredibly thoughtful review of Losing Better from Melanie at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words. Melanie gave it 4.75 stars and said:
I love Riot Boy and wondered how Katey Hawthorne was ever going to be able to supplant that book in my heart and then she writes Losing Better, one white hot tale of love and lust between two emotionally messed up and diametrically opposed men. I also think that the characters the author created for Losing Better are the most complex, difficult, and yet thoroughly human (albeit with super powers) people we have seen from her.

Thank you, Melanie, for giving it a chance. (Oh and extra thanks for giving Gabriel a chance. Of course!)

Item #3: New Book!
Liam is here!

I know, I know, I just had a book, but the other me has one out for Valentine's today. This is the love story for monsters I've mentioned before, and I do think it'd appeal to some readers of superpowered/elemental/fae love. Nasty vampires love can be really good times, if you're into that sort of thing. To quite my friend John, vampire sex is a lot like shark sex. Lots of blood and thrashing around...

Anyhow, please check it out, because it's all vampy screwed-upness with a bisexual vibe and lots of weird little vampirey details and weird side characters--all of which will have major consequences down the road, because this is one big story getting started with one small romance (of a sort) here.

Review Time

February 11, 2013

Minor Losing Better update: we have reviews, and they are rather nice, thank you very much.

 Jeayci over at Jesswave gives it a 4.5 and says:

Even when I was disliking Gabriel, I was still caught up in the story. Each time I had to set it down, I found myself thinking about it, eager to read more.

Jay over at Joyfully Jay gives it a 4.5 and says:

...Gabriel here is a bit of a hard man to love.  I mean really, he is sort of an ass, at least part of the time.  Which makes for a unique perspective as he is our POV character.  Basically Andrew is this big, shaggy, lovable puppy of a man (who also happens to be scorching hot).  So we love him right away (especially because he doesn’t wear underwear with his soccer shorts). 

Okay, I do realize those seem like odd quotes to share, but I am particularly gleeful that they both mentioned what an ass Gabriel is... and liked it either in spite of or because of that. (It's hard to say, with Gabriel. Believe me, I know, I've been apologizing for the guy for like a year now already.) Writing any novel with a dick for a "hero" is a gamble; writing a romance novel with a dick for a "hero" could be considered willfully self-destructive. Naturally, I am pleased that it is having the intended effect upon some! Thank you, Jeayci and Jay, for such thoughtful reviews.

I'll stop now, but definitely check out the reviews if you're up in the air about it, and don't forget to enter the big giveaway. Still a few days to get your very own cheesy FBI swag. Oh yeah, and the book. Check out the Losing Better page for all the excerpts (yes,  both are there now, plus links to others!) and fun facts.

The Massive Losing Better Giveaway

February 6, 2013


Well, we knew it had to happen. Yes, it is time for a big old-fashioned Superpowered Love Giveaway. (Okay it is not that old fashioned, but I've done it for all the book since Riot Boy, so now it's a thing.) This one has music and books mentioned in the story--Gabriel's favorite band Suede and Andrew's favorite poet Langston Hughes--but also hilariously cheesy FBI swag. Yes, you too can produce something and say, "FBI, motherfucker!" 

Here's the deal:

1. Check out the book! (Optional, but still amusing.)
2. Choose a prize pack. (A, B, or C.)
3. Comment on this post right here with your choice. (If you're seeing this on a feed, such as at GoodReads, please click through to so they get numbered in order.)
4. Make sure to leave a way to contact you. (Twitter handle, email, blog address, goodreads username, anywhere that isn't locked down so I can find you if you win.)

Prize Pack A:
-One eBook copy of Losing Better
-One CD of Suede - Singles
-FBI lanyard

Prize Pack B:
-One eBook copy of Losing Better
-FBI mini-flashlight

Prize Pack C:
-$10 gift card to the Loose Id store
-One CD of Suede - Singles
-FBI patch

Notes: Suede is an amazing band, Langston Hughes is my favorite American poet, and the FBI swag is truly ridiculous.

The giveaway is open from 6pm February 6th to 6pm February 13 to all--no country restrictions. All comments will be numbered and then will draw a winner for each of the prizes. Good luck.

(FBI, motherfucker! ... sorry, Gabriel made me. It's a thing of his.)

Free Superheroes?

February 5, 2013


I've got a guest post over at Joyfully Jay today all about the central theme of Losing Better (apart from the romance thing, obviously): Superheroes and Vigilantes. If you drop a comment, you'll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of the book. Woohoo! The giveaway ends Feb 8.

Also, Piper Vaughn and M.J. O'Shea are doing their Babes in Boyland 2nd Annual Valentine's Day Lovefest. They have loads of prizes--books and other awesome things, even--for their readers, and a copy of Losing Better is in the pot too. That one ends on V-Day, of course. And really, if you haven't seen it, it's huge. And brilliant.

ETA 6:30PM: Exclusive excerpt over at Honey Bunny! Intense making out ahoy...

Ready to Lose

... at least I didn't use allcaps, right? I might be a little excited. Sorry.

Of course I'll keep the page and the sidebar updated as more resellers become available, and tomorrow there will be some fabulous stuff going on--excerpts, giveaways, guest posts waxing poetic on the subject of superheroes. You know, pretty much what you'd expect from, well, me.

So just a tiny late-night update, here. Gabriel in all his cranky glory--Andrew in all his... rainbow underpants glory. Yes. It's a thing.

Losing Better: Cover Edition

February 4, 2013

Cover by P.L. Nunn

You know what. I'm just... I'm just gonna leave that there. It speaks for itself. Oh, but P.L. Nunn is amazing. For the record. ljsflkajfklajfskalfjal!!!!11!!one!

If you haven't checked out what's coming up on Tuesday, click the cover for the goods. Soon after the book goes live, one more excerpt will appear, promise! And then, oh man. So much with the giveaways and celebration. So. Much.

Meet Kieran

February 2, 2013

Ooooh the time for Losing Better is almost here. Tuesday! Eee!

Because I just cannot wait any more, I want to introduce y'all to my third man. Yeah, you've met Gabriel and Andrew, the heroes (though their definitions of "hero" are lightyears apart, I guess they both count, to me) if you've popped by the page. But Losing Better has a bonus hero, Kieran, who is rather a darling. In terms of the Andrew-and-Gabriel scenario, he's rather on the outskirts--but never fear, because yes, Kieran's own book is already planned and partially scripted.

But he gets to have his fun in this one, first. Here, have his proper* introduction to Gabriel.

“Who’s your pretty friend?” I asked, though I remembered very well that Alyssa had called him Kieran and that Andrew had been anxious for his return from somewhere-or-other. 
I expected the pretty boy to fix me with a death look, but he only smiled and checked me out, still clinging to Andrew. He said, just the faintest hint of the South in his voice, “Been wanting to ask the same thing all night. Hello, handsome.” 
Andrew’s cheeks flushed beneath his tan, and he made a halfhearted attempt to pry the boy off him. “Um, this is Kieran Hooper. Kieran, Gabriel GenĂȘt, an old friend.” 
I refer to him as a boy, but that wasn’t accurate. This Kieran was easily in his twenties, but there was something about the eyes, the smile, that spoke of a kind of youth—or perhaps innocence—that made his true age difficult to judge. He disengaged one arm from around Andrew and leaned toward me, laying that hand on my shoulder. He stage-whispered, “Your old friend is being a tease.” 
I smirked. “He’s good at that.” 
Andrew, still holding Kieran about the middle like he wasn’t sure what to do with him, said, “I know this must look bad.” 
That sounded dangerously like an apology. I had no desire to hear it or to know why he’d think such a thing necessary, so I cut him off with, “No, actually. It’s looking very, very good.”

He's a sleeper** who is some day destined for Great Things. But in Losing Better, he is knocking around North Carolina, brightening up Andrew's famous parties, charming even the crankiest of FBI agents***, and leaving glitter in his wake.

More this weekend--as in time for a real excerpt, plus, incoming cover action! But that's all for tonight. Sweet dreams.

*Proper because he does, in fact, see and wink at Gabriel earlier in the evening. Bless his wee glittery heart.
**Non-superpowered human, for the uninitiated.
***As in Gabriel.

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