Jock Week!

February 24, 2013

Now for something slightly different! As much as I enjoy discussing superpowered dudes and giving people an excuse to shout, "FBI, MOTHERFUCKER!" (it's a Gabriel thing), the thing is, over at Joyfully Jay, it's:

You will no doubt recall my many posts during the Olympics this summer regarding the virtues of swimming... and swimmers. Possibly a little self-absorbed, since that was "my sport" (until I went to college and gave it up for the sport I still love most today: drinking. Wait...), but what can you do? Well, this week I get to do a swimmer-based guest post for Jock Week. Woohoo! 

Definitely stop by and check out the massive giveaway she's doing--including a copy of By the River since, you know. Leith. Swimmerboy. Obvs. :D
Raven de Hart said...

I'm so behind on what's been going on over here. I've been engrossed in work with books and stories and editors.

But I'm determined to stay caught up--I almost missed jock week, after all. A travesty if there ever was one.


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