Review Time

February 11, 2013

Minor Losing Better update: we have reviews, and they are rather nice, thank you very much.

 Jeayci over at Jesswave gives it a 4.5 and says:

Even when I was disliking Gabriel, I was still caught up in the story. Each time I had to set it down, I found myself thinking about it, eager to read more.

Jay over at Joyfully Jay gives it a 4.5 and says:

...Gabriel here is a bit of a hard man to love.  I mean really, he is sort of an ass, at least part of the time.  Which makes for a unique perspective as he is our POV character.  Basically Andrew is this big, shaggy, lovable puppy of a man (who also happens to be scorching hot).  So we love him right away (especially because he doesn’t wear underwear with his soccer shorts). 

Okay, I do realize those seem like odd quotes to share, but I am particularly gleeful that they both mentioned what an ass Gabriel is... and liked it either in spite of or because of that. (It's hard to say, with Gabriel. Believe me, I know, I've been apologizing for the guy for like a year now already.) Writing any novel with a dick for a "hero" is a gamble; writing a romance novel with a dick for a "hero" could be considered willfully self-destructive. Naturally, I am pleased that it is having the intended effect upon some! Thank you, Jeayci and Jay, for such thoughtful reviews.

I'll stop now, but definitely check out the reviews if you're up in the air about it, and don't forget to enter the big giveaway. Still a few days to get your very own cheesy FBI swag. Oh yeah, and the book. Check out the Losing Better page for all the excerpts (yes,  both are there now, plus links to others!) and fun facts.

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