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May 23, 2013

You know, this was gonna be a regularly scheduled comics update, but it turned into a Young Avengers v2 review/rant. I cut that out and I'm gonna go with that tomorrow. So here's a quick rundown of my other books right now.

Spider Books:
Avenging Spider-Man. Fun. Spider-books are a bit weird atm thanks to Doc Ock taking over his body, but what can you do? Rotating writers and artists, some are better than others, obviously.

Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles, why are you so amazing? 

Team Books:
Fearless Defenders. Love it. Great fun, and I don't normally enjoy Asgardian-type storylines as much, but these ladies...

Valkyrie and Misty Knight from Fearless Defenders V1 by Bunn/Jiminez. Sorry Misty. Yeah. There totally is. :/

Young Avengers. Rant incoming tomorrow. But it's awesome.

I dropped Astonishing X-Men, finally, the last vestige of my X-team reading for the moment. I can't with the characterization. It was too painful. I really wanted to like it, but I feel super let down. :/

I'll pick up Wood and Copiel's new all-lady X-Men team at the end of the month and hope it's half as good as I want it to be.

Solo Books:
Gambit. Really good fun. Self-deprecating and charming and nobly idiotic and outside-the-superhero-box. Just how we like our Remy. Also this...

From Gambit V5 by Asmus/Mann. Yeah she screwed you over big time and you're gonna go to the rescue anyhow and oh my god Remy could be you be more ridiculous? Or hotter? DIDN'T THINK SO.

Captain Marvel. Shit is getting pretty intense and Kelly Sue DeConnick's Carol is great (though I don't really love Andrade's art, it's interesting). I've even picked up the first issue of the Avengers crossover, The Enemy Within, which is a huge leap of faith since crossovers generally spell disaster at Marvel.

Hawkeye. This is up for an Eisner or two. For good reason. My initial fears have been unfounded, yay!

Other Books:
Saga. Also up for an Eisner or two. If you want an incredible story with brilliant characters, definitely check this out. BKV wins with this one, big time. Wonderful story, brilliant worldbuilding, and Julia Staples' art, just, wow.

I've got a bunch of old stuff to read and re-read loaded onto my iPad (X-23, Excalibur, Journey into Mystery), but this is the current monthly buy stuff. Back with that rant soon!

2013 Hop Against Homophobia and Trans*phobia: For All My Unicorns Out There

May 17, 2013

Hello and welcome! Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which is, of course, awesome. Cynics, step off; no one's saying today solves the problems. I'm just saying that talking about problems is where the solving starts and how it moves forward, and I love that this hop exists for that purpose. Thanks so much to Erica, K-Lee, NJ, Cherie, and Sasha for organizing it. You are amaze.

Last year I did an interview about the production of The Laramie Project -- the preparation and research it takes, the reactions it causes, and the awareness I've seen it raise. 

This year, I figured I'd go a little more personal and a touch lighter, if not completely. Heavy subject is heavy. 

I've done posts before about bisexuality and biphobia here, but lately I've been trying to let the stories do the talking. Lately, however, as I see more statistics, see bisexual and pansexual people struggling with identity and coming out issues, it's become even more worrying to me that a lot of people just don't know where to go when they need answers and support. 

I'm not gay. I'm not straight. No one believes me, no one wants me. Hence the joke about bisexual people being like unicorns. Mythical creatures. We don't even exist.

I sort of grew up in the beginning of the internet era, so I sometimes think I can blame that for not quite figuring my shit out early on. I was so conditioned towards not just a heterocentric worldview, but monosexism that I didn't even know it was possible. Adolescence sucks, but moreso when it seems like something's broken. Why am I not constantly interested in boys like my friends? Why do I stress out over that girl so much? Why do I remember the thing she gave me and obsess over it? Why do I wish she'd be my friend but closer than that and why do I just want to stare at her and feel fluttery? To have all these thoughts and never realize what they meant was a sign of some hardcore social conditioning.

Sounds rough, right? That's just the beginning. Statistics say something is very, very rough, obviously. But I'm not gonna focus on that, right now, because otherwise I'll be here all day linking articles about how biphobia is a rampant phenomenon that is causing serious destruction to a lot of people. (Okay, here's one more.)

But by the time I was 24, "I'm bisexual" was a first date conversation. Someone's reaction to that would tell me enough to know if date number two was going to be a thing. I was on my own, in a position to support myself, and the first of my family and friends to learn this fun fact about Katey were perfect about it--if not terribly surprised. I escaped with relatively (and oh, it is relative!) damage because of those circumstances. It would've been harder if it had happened earlier, without a doubt, though obviously I can't say how much.

I can say that I would've needed even more help than I do now. And I often do. So here are some helpful things from my bookmarks for bi people and allies:

Here's an excellent resource post by Maria on tumblr for people who need that or want to know more about bisexual issues. I love this list because it focuses on intersectionality, with sections specifically detailing resources on feminism, trans* issues, racism, and other issues that are all linked. Aka: not your old rich white guy list. There are also bisexual health statistics resources (like I said, this stuff can be extremely damaging), information on the defintion of "bisexual" (which is apparently very confusing to some), and relevant history, and bisexuality in the media (a favorite topic of mine, obvs).

You'll often hear talk of Robyn Ochs, and for good reason. Her definition of bisexuality is the one I've seen most often cited around the communities, and yes, I like it. She also has excellent resources on trans* and intersex issues.

There's also the Bisexual Resource Center, Bialogue (the tumblr is great), and Lani Ka'ahumanu--who I believe is also linked in the catch-all post above, but here's her Bi Any Other Name page, which is worth checking out for some seminal bisexual lit.

You totally exist, and there are people who believe you and want you and support you. I don't know, maybe you trail glitter too, but I'll bet you're not a unicorn, either. Next time someone makes you feel like you don't, or can't, or shouldn't have that, check out some of those places and see where they lead. It's a frustrating world, but there are a lot of people out there trying to make it better. Sometimes just knowing that helps.

Also, shout out to Kris for bringing that initial resource post to my attention via my tumblr dash. All the hearts.

And now comes my contribution to the giveaway frenzy. Wee! Well, I'd offer some bi pride stuff, but that's not everyone's bag even if they do identify that way. So whoever wins can pick any eBook of mine they want (from either pen-name)... with a bisexual protag*. Also, last year we did a 3-pack of Matthew Shepard Foundation ERASE HATE bracelets, so let's do that again too. Make it a tradition :D

To win: Drop your email address (or twitter, or goodreads username, or something where I can get hold of you if you win) in a comment on this post. On May 27, I'll let choose a winner!

*Current options: Equilibrium, By the River, Fairy Compacts (all of them, incl the still-to-come third and final installation), Inedible Sins, Liam, or Scripped. Or, if you're willing to wait, my next one will count too ;)

Hop to the next participant!:

Scans from Kellan's Comic Collection: Spidey/Torch and a Very Happy Birthday

May 10, 2013

I know I haven't done one of these in a while, guys, but I found a bunch of my old comics from high school this weekend while visiting my parents, and Kellan insisted. His favorite bromance, my favorite bromance, Pete and Johnny, Spider-Man and the Human Torch, are back! Time for more Scans from Kellan's Comic Collection. (You can find the old ones in the Nobody's Hero tag, if interested.)

This one's from #4 of Spider-Man Team-Up (featuring Fantastic Four) by Jurgens and McLeod from June '96. Pete is doing something pretty intense and dangerous, looks like...

Uh-oh, Spidey! (Click to embiggen!)
And then, we find...

Happy birthday, Torchie! (Click to embiggen.)
I get the feeling Kellan has to do something similar to get Jamie out of bed on his birthday.

(Um, you can take that however you want. I swear I meant it innocently, but then after I typed it... yeah.)

In other news, there will be a general comic-reading update coming soon, since my last one was sadly out of date, and a writing update, too! We're finally properly settled in one place--and certain we'll be here for a year or so at least, so this show is officially back on the road. ♥

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