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May 23, 2013

You know, this was gonna be a regularly scheduled comics update, but it turned into a Young Avengers v2 review/rant. I cut that out and I'm gonna go with that tomorrow. So here's a quick rundown of my other books right now.

Spider Books:
Avenging Spider-Man. Fun. Spider-books are a bit weird atm thanks to Doc Ock taking over his body, but what can you do? Rotating writers and artists, some are better than others, obviously.

Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles, why are you so amazing? 

Team Books:
Fearless Defenders. Love it. Great fun, and I don't normally enjoy Asgardian-type storylines as much, but these ladies...

Valkyrie and Misty Knight from Fearless Defenders V1 by Bunn/Jiminez. Sorry Misty. Yeah. There totally is. :/

Young Avengers. Rant incoming tomorrow. But it's awesome.

I dropped Astonishing X-Men, finally, the last vestige of my X-team reading for the moment. I can't with the characterization. It was too painful. I really wanted to like it, but I feel super let down. :/

I'll pick up Wood and Copiel's new all-lady X-Men team at the end of the month and hope it's half as good as I want it to be.

Solo Books:
Gambit. Really good fun. Self-deprecating and charming and nobly idiotic and outside-the-superhero-box. Just how we like our Remy. Also this...

From Gambit V5 by Asmus/Mann. Yeah she screwed you over big time and you're gonna go to the rescue anyhow and oh my god Remy could be you be more ridiculous? Or hotter? DIDN'T THINK SO.

Captain Marvel. Shit is getting pretty intense and Kelly Sue DeConnick's Carol is great (though I don't really love Andrade's art, it's interesting). I've even picked up the first issue of the Avengers crossover, The Enemy Within, which is a huge leap of faith since crossovers generally spell disaster at Marvel.

Hawkeye. This is up for an Eisner or two. For good reason. My initial fears have been unfounded, yay!

Other Books:
Saga. Also up for an Eisner or two. If you want an incredible story with brilliant characters, definitely check this out. BKV wins with this one, big time. Wonderful story, brilliant worldbuilding, and Julia Staples' art, just, wow.

I've got a bunch of old stuff to read and re-read loaded onto my iPad (X-23, Excalibur, Journey into Mystery), but this is the current monthly buy stuff. Back with that rant soon!

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