Scans from Kellan's Comic Collection: Spidey/Torch and a Very Happy Birthday

May 10, 2013

I know I haven't done one of these in a while, guys, but I found a bunch of my old comics from high school this weekend while visiting my parents, and Kellan insisted. His favorite bromance, my favorite bromance, Pete and Johnny, Spider-Man and the Human Torch, are back! Time for more Scans from Kellan's Comic Collection. (You can find the old ones in the Nobody's Hero tag, if interested.)

This one's from #4 of Spider-Man Team-Up (featuring Fantastic Four) by Jurgens and McLeod from June '96. Pete is doing something pretty intense and dangerous, looks like...

Uh-oh, Spidey! (Click to embiggen!)
And then, we find...

Happy birthday, Torchie! (Click to embiggen.)
I get the feeling Kellan has to do something similar to get Jamie out of bed on his birthday.

(Um, you can take that however you want. I swear I meant it innocently, but then after I typed it... yeah.)

In other news, there will be a general comic-reading update coming soon, since my last one was sadly out of date, and a writing update, too! We're finally properly settled in one place--and certain we'll be here for a year or so at least, so this show is officially back on the road. ♥

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