Re-entry Excerpts

July 30, 2013

The Re-entry Burn page has just gotten a huge update to include, yes, excerpts! There's one that involves the Mal's first hook up with Theo, and also an update of that flashback Mal-and-Brady one...

Brady sat down at the edge of my bed and gave me a little shake. “Mal. Malory. Wake up, man.”

“Fuck off,” I said. “It’s, like, three in the morning.”

“Two. Hey. Mal, look at me.”

So I did. He was in full eyeliner-and-hair-gel getup. I sat up, shoved him over so I could pull my legs up under me, and said, “What?”

But I knew what because his backpack was at his feet.

“I’m leaving,” he said.

So I said, “Course you are. Look, just gimme a date I can give Dad to get him off my back. He’s a pain in the ass when you do this.”

He shook his head. “Not coming back.”

“Whatever. Fuck you.” I tried to stretch out and put my head back on the pillow.

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