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October 22, 2013

Phewwww what a weekend! Hello to everyone I got to meet at GRL in Atlanta this weekend--and man, there are so many people I MISSED there and that makes me sad. Next time I will be better connected, I swear!

Still, it was epic fun. How many conventions can say they're that friendly, open, and full of strippers?


For anyone who wasn't able to come this year, I highly recommend this Authors at GayRomLit share their favorite con moments story. Esp Anne Tenino's $40 Story. Which had me almost in tears in the Rathskellar bar later that night. But it was a glorious long weekend celebrating what we love best--with a side order of unabashed nerdery that makes everything just perfect for me.

Also I managed to wear heels for three nights in a row and not hurt myself. Go me!

Now service shall return to normal. Once I get over my con crud and/or whatever weird allergy issues I was having last week piling on. In the meantime, here are some really fabulous reviews for Re-Entry Burn I've posted to random social media, but not the blog. The horror!

Malory is the main personality here and we get to know him intimately. He evolves from a whiney, hard done by, but hard to love character into one who is thoughtful, hopeful and has a sharp self awareness, without losing the edginess that makes him interesting.
I really appreciate her thoughts on making the transition from Riot Boy, with Brady as a hero, to Re-Entry Burn, with Malory, the former villain, as a hero. Very cool stuff, so check it out, and thanks, Raine.

How I love these people and their stories.  I find them downright irresistible in voice and personality.  
This review just about made me cry, seriously. Melanie chose some passages to illustrate her insightful points, both about Mal and Theo and the themes in the book in general--which I'll talk about here soon individually, but range from rehabilitation to isolation and all manner of things in between. 

That's it for me from now, back to work! Possibly tomorrow I will have some interesting news in Superpowered Love things, too... :D

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