Meet the New Kids

December 15, 2013

First off, apologies for a prolonged absence from blogging. I have a good excuse, though, apart from the holidays (which are always an excuse): I was putting the finishing touches on In Distress, the next installation of Superpowered Love. This one involves Craigslist (Loose Id is doing a thing--details to come), coffee, and superpowered anarchists.

That sounds really weird, I know. Quirky. Let's go with quirky. Yeah.

So while the first read and edits are going on, the shiny new In Distress page will keep updating. If you head there now, you can meet Eddie and Callum, courtesy of brand new character art from Astro. Which always makes my month, but wow, just looooook at these:

I know, right? I'm just. Yeah. Head on over and get to know them a little, and hopefully I'll have more to post soon. ♥
J.A. Rock said...

Omg, omg, love the art, cannot WAIT for this book!!

Unknown said...

Omg, so pretty.

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