Release day for Eddie and Callum!

March 25, 2014

Cover by PL Nunn
Yay, In Distress exists! As usual, for the moment it is only available at Loose Id, but Amazon should follow shortly, and others after that. I'll keep this post, the book's page, and the sidebar over there updated as developments unfold.

And I know that's inconvenient for some, but hey, LI has all the formats you need (mobi = prc), plus they're doing an awesome sale on Equilibrium, for those who'd like to see where this whole Superpowered Love thing began. Sam and Hansen for only 2.99. Wowwwww, right?

How shall I celebrate all this fabulousness? Well, with a bottle of prosecco obviously.

Wait no, not til 5 o'clock. Honest. Okay, 4.30. >.>

In the meantime, there's all kinds of great stuff going on. Over at Joyfully Jay, there's "a nice, dirty excerpt" happening along with a contest to win a copy of the book. Thank you for hosting my oh-so-nsfw excerpt today, Jay ♥ and I hope y'all enjoy it.

She said she's reviewing it today too, so I'll update this post --

ETA: Oh look, here it is! A super-thoughtful and fabulous review culminating in 4.25 stars. Thank you so much! /ETA

I'm also over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words talking about the inspiration for Eddie's story, in all its weirdness, and the Missed Connections collection--and there's a chance to win a copy there, too. Thanks for the spotlight, Melanie ♥

Phew okay! I think that's it for the moment. Woohoo, Missed Connections: In Distress!

ETA 3.30pm: In Distress on ARe. Yay!

ETA: 9.20pm: In Distress on Amazon~

St. Patrick's Day Means Kelly's the DJ

March 16, 2014

Jamie and Kellan on St. Pat’s by Astro.

Ah yes, it's time for the return of DJ Kellan--a title Kelly (of Nobody's Hero) doesn't much like, but will live with if it means he gets to listen to loud Paddy Rock and drink all day. For the last two years,  his list has remained the same, but this year Kellan has an all new and improved St. Pat's playlist for everyone. He'll be taking over my tumblr as usual (and the posts will go to twitter, too), for those who'd like to rock Irish-American and/or Canadian and/or Australian and/or whatever Irish transplant and/or actual Irish style.

Both the old and new tracks are in my DJ Kellan tag, but if you just want the new tracks, hit up the DJ Kellan 2014 tag. One track an hour will be posted, plus some of Kellan's typical grouchy commentary. Because Kellan.

On a more serious and personal note, the Sheas--Kellan's large and loud Irish-Catholic family--seem to have struck a chord with some readers. That means a lot to me, because not only did I think people would find them unbelievable, what with all the music-making and large family parties and other hilarity, but because they're directly patterned on my mother's side of the family. Well, except Mom's family had eight kids, not seven, but hey. We've had a lot of really hard hits this year, in particular the loss of two beloved family members in a three month period. We also had good stuff happen--like a big old wedding, which we always make the most of, in between our tragedies. But it's been a hell of an emotional ride.

So while Kelly will be dedicating the occasional song to people in his life, I just want to say that the whole thing is dedicated to my family, just like the book was. We fight and yell and cry and love and always stick together. If I didn't have them, I'd never believe in love enough to actually write about it.

Now excuse me while I listen to loud obnoxious paddy rock and slam Guinness all day tomorrow. (It's a food, too. Really.) I'm sure my cousins are doing the same, scattered as we are.

Excerpts Ahoy

March 10, 2014

Woohoo, Excerpts from In Distress are up! We had a hard time picking them, but these are two that I think really express the whole tone of the book, which sort of hearkens back to the weirdly fun-loving, fast pace of the Equilibrium days--but with Eddie's special brand of weird. Which, after the emotional roller coaster of Malory's life in Re-entry Burn, was a welcome shift of gears, lemme tell you. They're entitled "The Rescue", which is the very first scene in the book...

So maybe I’ll just blame the fire on italics. Because that stove, oh my God, I don’t know what even happened, but it set some shit on fire about six months later. And there I was, sleeping like a cliché-baby on my futon, dreaming about that guy who plays Jon Snow inGame of Thrones. About him crawling up that giant ice wall with my thighs wrapped around his waist, saving me from the attacking Wildlings. Me shifting my hips (gotta keep warm on the Wall somehow) and whispering into his ear, “Faster, baby. Winter is coming.” 
I have weird dreams sometimes.

And "Hero Reversal", which, well. The book's title makes sense after reading this one, I reckon...

I picked up a pretzel and pointed it at him, narrowing my eyes. “You know what? Fuck you.” 
His mouth fell slightly open. God, it was unfair how pretty his lips were like that. All I could think of was them around my cock last night. Even as my face was flushing with anger for his stupid, highhanded crap, I wanted to yank him under the table and feel them again, right there in the middle of the bar. 
I dipped the pretzel into cheese sauce pointedly, like I was drowning his objections in nacho-flavored goodness, or some other horrible metaphor. Then I bit it off and chewed even more pointedly. Yeah, take that. “You think you’re being noble, don’t you? Protecting me from myself. You say you’re not my knight in shining armor; then you treat me like a damsel in distress.”  
So click on through to read the rest of these bits~

Alas, nothing too hot yet... but that's coming soon. I've got a special one selected to celebrate the release in a few weeks, and it should be fun times. That one, I'm calling 'Forelplay: Cold-Thermal Style'. Those of you who've read Superpowered Love books before can sorta guess what that means. Mwah! ♥

In Distress, covered!

March 7, 2014

Guys, I cannot deal with these precious babies. I am so pleased to share with you the cover for In Distress, by the one and only PL Nunn!

Cutiessssss! Apparently so cute I have lost my powers of articulation. Whoops. But. Look at them! Gah! Exclamation points!!!!1!1!one!

Excerpts will be arriving soon, and the book itself in just a few weeks. In the meantime, if you want to get to know Eddie and Cal and see where they're headed, head over to the In Distress page for their vital stats and official blurb.

And keep an eye on the Missed Connections page at LI, too, because some of the other stories in the collection are popping up now... So much excitement. I just. I can't.

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