Release day for Eddie and Callum!

March 25, 2014

Cover by PL Nunn
Yay, In Distress exists! As usual, for the moment it is only available at Loose Id, but Amazon should follow shortly, and others after that. I'll keep this post, the book's page, and the sidebar over there updated as developments unfold.

And I know that's inconvenient for some, but hey, LI has all the formats you need (mobi = prc), plus they're doing an awesome sale on Equilibrium, for those who'd like to see where this whole Superpowered Love thing began. Sam and Hansen for only 2.99. Wowwwww, right?

How shall I celebrate all this fabulousness? Well, with a bottle of prosecco obviously.

Wait no, not til 5 o'clock. Honest. Okay, 4.30. >.>

In the meantime, there's all kinds of great stuff going on. Over at Joyfully Jay, there's "a nice, dirty excerpt" happening along with a contest to win a copy of the book. Thank you for hosting my oh-so-nsfw excerpt today, Jay ♥ and I hope y'all enjoy it.

She said she's reviewing it today too, so I'll update this post --

ETA: Oh look, here it is! A super-thoughtful and fabulous review culminating in 4.25 stars. Thank you so much! /ETA

I'm also over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words talking about the inspiration for Eddie's story, in all its weirdness, and the Missed Connections collection--and there's a chance to win a copy there, too. Thanks for the spotlight, Melanie ♥

Phew okay! I think that's it for the moment. Woohoo, Missed Connections: In Distress!

ETA 3.30pm: In Distress on ARe. Yay!

ETA: 9.20pm: In Distress on Amazon~

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