Cover reveal

April 23, 2014

After my month of social madness, I'm back for good and kicking the Fairy Compacts finale prep into high gear. It is my absolute pleasure to reveal the cover of the final installment, Fairy Bound, by the talented and fabulous Ruxandra Lache.

We decided to try a different route, going with--well, I won't spoil the story by explaining who or what lives in this lovely tree-house she's painted, here. I seriously cannot wait to reveal her internal illustrations to you either, but there are thumbnails of the ones she did for Life as a Fairy Thrall on the excerpts page, so definitely check them out there!

Next week I'll be doing a blog visit to talk some more about the book pre-release. For now, you can add the book to your goodreads shelf, if you like! The official blurb is there, too. ♥

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