WiP Wednesday

April 9, 2014

It's been a while since I've done this, but I think it's time for a WiP Wednesday snippet, this time from Fairy Bound. In this final installation, Tam and Aeron's last adventure in Faerie is coming back to haunt them. As in threatening their home, maybe their very existence. Not to mention there's still that little issue of reforging their bond...

Tam thought about it for a while, then finally, about halfway home, said, “We could just move.” It was hard to get out, but it was the only solution he could see. It seemed inevitable that Suchi had been telling people—well, the truth. Tam kept a fairy lover at his house in the woods. And he couldn’t blame her, considering what she’d been through. What else could they do?
“I saw that,” said Aeron.
Tam frowned. “Saw what?”
“Under here.” Aeron reached out and tapped Tam on the chest, just to the left. “The way your heart cracked when you said it.”
Tam blinked against a sudden burning sensation in his eyes.
“This has always been your home,” said Aeron, as if it were really that simple. “It will always be your home.”
Tam wanted to agree, wanted to believe. But, “I would choose you over it any day. And there's nothing we can do, if Suchi tells everyone.”
“We're hardly powerless.”
Tam frowned even harder.
Aeron said, “Perhaps I could live in the tree-cellar for a while. My kind prefer underground, after all.”
“For sleeping.” The thought of Aeron hiding himself any more than he did, of him not coming out into the garden, not being able to even stretch his wings when he already couldn’t flybout properly, lit an angry fire in Tam’s middle. He straightened his spine and stuck out his chin, resolved. “No. You're right. We're not powerless. I'm being silly.”
“As usual,” said Aeron, a slight smirk pulling at his pretty lips.
“You love it,” came out before Tam could stop it. They hadn’t said it again, not since that night when Aeron had told him that he didn’t know what love was.
But Aeron just smiled and said, “Yes. I do.”

Drama! Danger! Wingsex! Coming at the end of this month!. I'm off this weekend, but when I return I'll have a cover to reveal. Yay! In the meantime, don't forget Book 1, The Dangers of Fairy Compacts, is totally free, and you can get Book 2, Life as a Fairy Thrall, for just $1.99.

And in other news, in celebration of the new Missed Connections books, LI has put In Distress and Marie Harte's Stepping Out on megasale, so check it out on the Daily Deals page this week.

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