Coming Tuesday: Fairy Bound! (At last!)

May 18, 2014

That's right, it's finally time for Fairy Bound to hit the stands. Well, the virtual ones, anyhow. At first it'll be available through Smashwords, ARe, and my Gumroad shop, all of which have convenientm secure payment options so it's not a huge pain in the butt. Barnes & Noble takes a little longer, but it'll get there too!

So why not Amazon? Welllll, Amazon is complicated. They won't let me make the first novella free, and I don't want to charge for it just there because that'd feel like cheating. But all of the immediately available options have Kindle-friendly formats among all the others, and I'll do an omnibus edition with less art for Amazon sometime this fall.

In short, these versions will be way cooler. Why? Okay, here's one really good example...

Awela and Aeron from Fairy Bound, art by Ruxandra Lache

Gorgeous, right? Ruxandra is a wonder, it's true. You can see thumbnails of all of her illustrations on the excerpts page (but this is the only big sneak peek!), and... a tasty little pre-wingsex warm-up of an excerpt, with Aeron being bratty as hell. Well, at first.

“Are you coming?” Aeron asked.

When Tam turned around, Aeron was in the tub, arms hanging over the sides, wings tucked up behind him tight. Tam failed to answer immediately, mesmerized by this sight, and so Aeron made a face. “Fine,” he said. “Don't.”  
But Tam did. He peeled off his long shirt and trousers, knowing he was being watched, almost relieved by it. The resultant heat that rose in him had nothing to do with the bath water, but with Aeron’s long, pale limbs beneath its wavering surface and the glint of the firelight off his smoky-silver wings and smooth, dark hair.  
Aeron ducked beneath the water to wet it, then began soaping his hair as Tam watched. Eventually, Tam couldn’t resist, and so reached out and ran his fingers up the curve of Aeron’s slender, hard calf underwater. Aeron ignored him, going on with his soaping—though he didn’t pull away—leaving Tam with no choice but to get on with washing his own hair.  
After long moments of this treatment, the torment became intolerable. ...

Click here to read the NSFW continuation!  See you for more on Tuesday ♥
Jamie Lake said...

Congrats on the release of your novel! Those illustrations are amazing, they will definitely complement your story. What was your favorite part in writing it?

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