Stronger, Better, Faster, More, NOW~

December 29, 2015

Come get it while it's hot! ... Okay, so this book probably has enough hot to go around, but still. Stronger, Better, Faster, More, my superhero project with the wonderful Carlin Grant, is now live! Check the link for excerpts, one of which is, by the way, NSFW so be warned!

So far it's available at Loose Id, obviously, and Amazon, but I'll add to its page as more appear. Be sure and check out our lil blog tour, starting today over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, for a chance to win a gift card to buy alllll the books! Tomorrow we'll see you over at Joyfully Jay, and on New Years Eve we're partying with The Novel Approach.


SBFM Pre-orders are here!

December 27, 2015

Stronger, Better, Faster, More pre-orders are here--and for a very limited time--as in while LI is having today's sale--they're not JUST the usual 10% off, but also an extra 30%! Great time for a bargain, right? Treat yourself to a lil post-holiday hotness ♥

More news coming soon, along with the winners of the K&T Holiday Giveaway, but here we goooooo!

Holiday giveaway time!

December 20, 2015

It's my co-author Jenna Rose's birthday--plus the holidays! Two great excuses to give gifts, right? That's why this week we're doing...

We're giving away two prize packs, each of which contains:

  • A hand-stamped Moleskine cahier pocket journal, complete with John's own Kanaan & Tilney investigations logo!
  • An "I'm a Marshmallow" pin, to remind you of what a burnt marshmallow grouchy pants sweet pea Lowell is.
  • A $10 gift card to Loose Id!

Check it out here, over at Jenna's Blog, or at Love Bytes--thanks for letting us drop in and interview the boys, Dani! (Seriously check that interview out, because it reveals the MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS of Lowell wanting to be a detective.)

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Stronger, Better, Faster, More

December 14, 2015

Sorry for the blog silence, but it's THAT TIME OF YEAR when shit gets real, amiright? I've been super busy with family things (and shopping...), but also with work. Bringing you something new and fresh...

Cover by Mina Carter

... Sorry was distracted by Beau's abs. Ahem.

ANYHOW. This is some serious superhero work right here my friends, let me tell you. Also, you may remember this summer when my co-author Carlin and I were discussing #justbrothings that came out of writing this one. We're super excited about it, because not only do we love superpowers, but we got to write about a mouthy, superspeed desi boy and a sweet southern trans guy with mega-endurance. Daring rescues! Origin stories! Superpowered libidos!

Yeah that just happened. 

For more info, we've got the page set up here. But this one is coming on fast, at the end of December, so get ready for a party Next up, excerpts! ♥

Blog Takeover II

November 1, 2015

Hi all!

Katey’s mentioned me a few times, but now I’m hijacking her blog (Thanks, Katey!) to introduce myself. I’m Jenna Rose and I’m Katey’s co-author on Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers. You can find me over here, and you can see Katey’s takeover of my own blog yesterday as well. She’s awesome, as you all know already, so go read it and enjoy her awesomeness.

K&T has come a long, long way since Katey and I first dreamed it up. It’s original inception was a joke that turned into countless hours of worldbuilding (just wait ‘til you guys see what we have in store!), writing, and edits upon edits. And, of course, the blog tour, which ends here with me today. I’ll miss it. I’ve had a lot of fun going around and talking about these two weird boys and the world they live in. Here are the stops we made:

The Novel Approach: Worldbuilding
The Prism Book Alliance: Kanaan & Tilney: The Soundtrack
Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words: Authors Interview

Huge thank you to everyone who hosted us! Hopefully, we’ll see many of you again when the next Kanaan & Tilney book comes out. No arms dealers this time around, but we can promise more puns. And thank you, of course, to Katey for letting me kidnap your blog and ramble about, well,  pretty much nothing, really. You are beautiful. (Hah! Gotcha back! Take that :P) Thanks again, everyone!

Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers now available from Loose Id, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.


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Kanaan & Tilney, hot off the presses!

October 27, 2015

Er, the virtual presses, anyhow. Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers, is now available from Loose Id, Amazon Kindle Store, ETA All Romance Ebooks, and--hey I'll keep everyone updated as more go live, yeah! You can also watch this page, where I'll be adding them. 

For those watching the blog tour scene (and please do--there's a giveaway for copies of the book!):

And throughout the week, there will be fun tidbits posted at TRS's Spookapalooza, so keep an eye out for that! Jenna and I both keep things updated on our tumblrs (Jenna - Me), so that's a good way to keep up, too.

New Stuff and Saaaaaaaaaaaaales~

October 24, 2015

First, I had a great time at GRL San Diego, so thanks to everyone who made it awesome. (Here's a tiny rundown for those interested.) 

Great week for books, y'all--from my point of view! Right now, at the Loose Id blog, I've got a post up about a lot of the personal stuff that went into BACK TO THE SKY. Okay, so that may not be exciting to anyone but me, but give it a shot if you're interested in just why the book is more navel-gazey than most things I put out there. What is potentially exciting to more than me for sure is that both of my Elementals books are 20% off this week at Loose Id, which is huge!

Cool, right?

And speaking of discounts...

KANAAN & TILNEY: THE CASE OF THE ARMS DEALERS is coming on Tuesday eeee! It's already available for pre-order, though, and you get a nice 10% discount if you go for it, so check it out

Jenna and I are going to be bouncing all over the net this week talking about our wonderful/weird mash up of paranormal/suspense/romance and our boys, Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney. So be sure to check out...

We'll be posting links as the stops go live, so please join us for fun, facts, and a giveaway!

Hotties Abound

October 14, 2015

All kinds of hotties. First, if you haven't already seen via the K&T site, there are excerpts around for Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers, now. (I'm also gonna read a different passage from it at GRL this weekend, so please come see me if you're there! ♥) Check out all the excerpts here! Warning, though, one is VERY NSFW. Just how we like it >.>

More immediately, though, as in today--Haunted Hotties Vol. 1 is alive! There are loads of great stories in this one, perfect for getting you into the spirit of the season. My little tale is called Præsidium, and it involves demons, a demon-hunter, and a witch, and... oh man. Check it out at these places:

And probably more soon!

If you just want to try them out one at a time, they're also available individually. You can find Præsidium here:

But it's a better deal to buy the whole thing, and you will not regret it. I read them while we were proofing and. Yeah. Go for it :D [ETA: Oooh, an excellent review already! Awesome, thanks Inked Rainbow!]

And now... I better go catch this flight. Right!

Haunted Hotties for Halloween

October 6, 2015

... okay that might've been overdoing it on the alliteration, but still. Torquere's Haunted Hotties is coming soon, and I get to be in Volume 1 with all these wonderful authors!

Pre-order link is already up at Torquere, and soon to come at various resellers. Release is October 14th, though, so you've got plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit. :D Have I ever mentioned Halloween is my favorite holiday? It totally is.

As for my story, Præsidium... hey how about an excerpt to introduce you to Thackeray, the demon hunter.. and demon-haunted:

It's a power-struggle every time you meet someone new. Think about it-- you go out to dinner, sit down, look at someone new across the table—business associate, first date, whatever—and you're engaged in a skirmish. You're trying to figure out who has the upper hand in the conversation, and whatever there is of the relationship. You're trying to decide if you can feel confident enough to pretend you don't find the stretches of silence between topics disconcerting.
Seir was feeling chatty tonight—he was always stirred up when we neared the end of a chase. Antonin had gone off to the bathroom, and I was staring down a piece of apple pie in the one all-night diner in town. I thought, You just love to hear yourself yammer. I swear it's masturbation via rhetoric. Starting to feel like I'm in a Quentin Tarantino film. We're even in a diner. 
 He said, I'm not wrong, though. 
 I stirred my coffee lazily, clink, clink, clink. Then finally answered as if he hadn't heard the thoughts it took me to get there. If no one wins the struggle, as in both declare defeat, the silences are intolerable to everyone
The point is that you've got to be the one in control, or someone else is controlling you, or you're spinning out of control, which never leads to anything good (for more than a few minutes at a time.) Wouldn't you say? He knew goddamn well that, I wouldn't. What if the person gets control of you and does horrible things? It was a layered statement: it could be about him and me, and how he couldn't possess, just haunt. Or it could be about me and Antonin, here. The potential for some form of control implicit in physical attraction. 
So be the one to win. It's not that difficult; it's a question of your belief in yourself being stronger than his in himself. I snorted. The most delusional wins? 
 It's not delusion: it's self-manifesting superiority. Try it. People will eat it out of your hand. "So you keep saying," I mumbled aloud. 
Antonin slid back into the booth across from me. "What?" 
"Nothing." I made an attempt to appear extra grouchy—that was usually all it took to discourage questions. 
 He cocked an eyebrow but said nothing. In the real light of the diner, it was hard not to notice how flattering the freckles sprinkled liberally over his golden-brown nose, cheeks, and forehead were. 
 I wasn’t usually a freckles guy. Huh. "I need you to help me stop them.” 
 He stabbed a spoon into the bowl of melting ice cream before him. Peanut butter chocolate. Too rich for my blood—not too sweet for his, apparently. "Don't you think you could tell me a little about yourself first?" 
 "Because you're just some stranger who swung into town and happened to know about a bunch of evil shit about to go down. Also, you attacked me in the shrubs." 
 Fair point, but I wasn't giving in. "I didn't attack you, I took you to a more secure location to question you, first. I could've attacked you. We wouldn't be having this conversation." 
 "And you'd be no closer to figuring out how to fuck up their demonic plans." 
 I pinched the bridge of my nose. "What do you want to know?" 
 "Who are you? Really. Not your name; who you are, what you do." 
 I pushed my barely-touched pie away. I don't even like pie. It just seemed like the thing to order, in a place like this. 
 I'm bad at human things, sometimes. I pretend that's not because of Seir. Maybe it's even true. I had a weird childhood, to say the least. 
 I said, "I'm Thackeray, and I hunt demons. Any time there's a frayed piece of the Veil, I know about it; I go there and I fix the situation." 
 "Okay, so who do you work for? Who can convince a handsome, capable, brick shithouse of a man like you to demon hunt?" 
 I ignored everything but the ‘capable’ part, which was true. "Myself." 
 "Right, but someone has to pay you." 
 "I wish they did." 
 He watched me for a moment, like he was trying to tell if I was serious. When I didn't flinch, he said, "Yeah, all right, man. But why do you do it, then? You can’t be hurting for options. You could be a bodyguard or—I don’t know. A fitness model. Jesus Lord Almighty." 
 Again, I ignored the compliments, uncertain what to do with them. "Don't ask if you don't really want to know." 
 Something like annoyance flared behind his eyes. "Start talking, or I walk." 
"Fine. When I was three years old, my mother tried to kill me."

Kanaan & Tilney Cover Time~

October 3, 2015

Cover by Dar Albert
Soooo excited. I just. I mean. Look at them! For a better glimpse, check out their page over at, complete with blurb, and soon to have excerpts and all that other great stuff. 

This baby releases on the 20th--barring disaster--so it's right after I get home from GRL. I thinnnnnk, therefore, that my reading there should include these lovely dorks. Yes, good.

Why should you be interested? For adventure! There's a Zombie Mafia (not actual zombies, btw) and they sell body parts. (Get it? Arms dealers? What, we like puns...) For romance! Cranky wolf-boy is a total marshmallow on the inside, batty pyrokinetic is pure sunshine. For the characters! Demisexual mystery author, Arab-American ex-cop--you don't see either every day, right? For the world! All manner of praeternaturals are hanging around Boston: Elementalists, Beasts, Psychogenics, Terrans, and Necropmorphs, oh my. For the mystery! The murdered man was not a very nice guy, after all...

As you might've guessed, Jenna and I are really excited about this one. Check it out!

And the Winners Are...

September 23, 2015

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Everyone's been contacted, and they'll be getting their shiny new copies of BACK TO THE SKY ASAP. Thanks so much to everyone who checked out the blog tour! If you missed the rest of the activity, it's still worth checking out for little tidbits and rambles, so here's what went on:

@ MM Good I talked about the elements and my fascination with elemental creatures and characters. Includes a book review!
@ Diverse Reader I did something a little more personal than usual and talked about authors (... me) putting pieces of themselves (... myself >.>) into characters. Includes a book review!
@ The Romance Studio I talked about the inspiration for the "Dirty Girl Scouts" excerpt. Body shots ftw.
@ Joyfully Jay you'll find an exclusive, super NSFW excerpt. Looking to heat things up, here's the ticket! Feeling blue that you didn't win a copy? Let this salve your wounded soul!

Right that's coming on a little strong, but you get my point.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride. ♥

Fall Happenings

September 14, 2015

So many fall happenings in the works right now, I'm just gonna bullet list this baby. You ready? I'm ready!

Back to the Sky Book Tour!

Still happening, y'all. Here's the count of who has been so good as to let me drop in, and what, exactly, I was talking about there:

"Some Kind of Magic" @ The Novel Approach - Talking about the weird magic in the Elemetnals series and just what it can mean for a story.
"Rock N Roll and Bad Poetry" @ Love Bytes - Zane fancies himself a songwriter. Oh deaaaar...
"Being Afraid of Love" @ Prism Book Alliance - The Four Noble truths and a fear of being hurt again. Come on, we've all been there. Well, that latter thing, anyhow. Only Geordie likes to mix the two.

Yet to come this week: 

And remember, you get THREE entries in the ongoing Rafflecopter Giveaway for copies of Back to the Sky (it's at the bottom of the posts!) for commenting on these blogs, so don't be shy.

Discounts! Discounts!

Not sure how long this will last, but for the moment, Loose Id has By the River, the first of the Elemental books (water) on a pretty deep discount right now. You don't need it to read Back to the Sky--they're totally unrelated except thematically--but if you liked BttS or want to get the full effect, check it out on the Loose Id page.

I am also relatively sure that as of tomorrow (Tuesday), BttS itself will be 10% off--as is the tradition with last week's new releases at Loose Id. So if you didn't have time or money or just plain forgot last week, check it out this week!

If you want info on By the River, check its page out here at the site. Lots of excerpts and all the usual to be had.

Time to get spoopy!

I've mentioned this off-hand, and it's been on my Coming Soon page since, well, since I made that page last month, but! My Halloween novelette, Præsidium, will be popping up as part of Torquere's Haunted Hotties collection one month from today. Spookiness and hotness all in one package. (I'd say tiny package, but I feel like I'd get dirty looks from Thackeray, my demon hunter protag. And he's kind of a bad-ass, so...)

More on that soon, but I just wanted to put it out there. Possibly because Halloween is my favorite. POSSIBLY.

On the case!

Kanaan & Tilney, our mystery solving team extraordinaire, is coming soon from Loose Id! Jenna Rose and I are excited to announce a late October planned release for the boys and their first mystery, The Case of the Arms Dealers. Adventure, murder, handcuffs! Well, not a lot of the latter, though now John's thought about it that may change.

Ahem. Anyhow, come meet our unstoppable praeternatural detective team, Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney, over at their shiny website, Be sure to check out their individual bios too, for some funny/ridiculous sneek peeks at personality.

There's.... a lot of personality going on between them. Too much sometimes.

Okay I think I hit everything, but as you can see, it's... a lot. So stay tuned and I'll be piping up with more bits and pieces as things happen.

Book Birthday: Back to the Sky!

September 8, 2015

We have books! Obviously authors love it when you go publisher direct (and LI does some cool rewards program stuff, if you shop there a lot), but for reasons of convenience and gift cards and all that, have a few more too. Here are the first of the Back to the Sky buy links~ 

Be sure to check out the start of my Back to the Sky blog tour, too: Today I hit up The Novel Approach, where I talk about the, uh, different treatment "magic" gets in these Elementals books. Comes complete with a never-before-seen excerpt as illustration! 

Oh yeah, also, Rafflecopter giveaway for copies, in case buying is not an option just yet. I feel ya.

ETA: it occurs to me that in my travel flurry of the last month, I haven't posted anything about warnings for this book! I know there are some themes that can either turn off or outright trigger people, so in the interest of both enjoyment and safety, here are some potential flags for you guys.  Of course I try to handle all these themes well, but I totally understand just not wanting to go there sometimes. They are vaguely spoilery, so please highlight below to see them:

-Brief sugarkink/light bondage
-Sex work
-Respectability politics
-Alcohol use, occasionally irresponsibly so

Cover + Preorder -- BACK TO THE SKY time is nigh

September 6, 2015

Yes, it's true, Mina Carter's cover for BACK TO THE SKY is glorious. Gnnnnnnn.

The book is out this Tuesday, but if you pre-order via Loose Id right now, you get a discount! Weee! This is gonna be a week (or two) full of BttS fun, though, so stick around for updates. ♥ Don't forget, there are excerpts and more here.

Get your excerpts, hot off the press!

August 26, 2015

Hello from Chennai! We're on the second leg of our journey, having spent the first in lovely Ireland (a few pics here on my tumblr, for the interested), and now it's time for some chilling out in Tamil Nadu. Well, sort of, since I'm preppping for the release of Back to the Sky almost as soon as I come back to the States. Yay! 

In that vein, I've set up some little excerpts on the Back to the Sky page. There's one that's pretty straightforward, the first meeting of our point of view hero and his love interest in person. And then there's a second one called "Dirty Girl Scouts" that is... well, what it says on the tin, if you know that a 'dirty girl scout' is a drink, not a kid who's rolled around in mud. Another kind of dirty.

Talk to you all again when it's time for a cover reveal!

Adventure, Excitement!

August 14, 2015

Maybe a Jedi doesn't crave them, but I do. (Sorry I'm not sorry for the nerdreference weeeee.)

For the next month I'm going to be scarce. Luckily it's for a good reason, this time, since I'm going traveling! First to Ireland, where my family and I will bounce between the coasts for a while, and then to India, where I'll hang out with the other side of my family. Epic, I know, I'm pretty much full to bursting with excitement.

But there's still a lot going on around here, so here's a quick update on all the activity: 

-Upon my return in early September, Back to the Sky will be a thing! I'll find some excerpts to pop up between now and then, but just as a general heads up. Yeah, I know, more excitement.

-In addition to the stuff that was already on the Coming Soon page, I'm so pleased to announce that I get to work with the wonderful folks at Torquere Press again. My story Præsidium, about a haunted demon-hunter and a pretty lil witch-boy, is going to be a part of their Halloween Haunted Hotties collection. My fave holiday yaaaaay!

Okay that's it for now. Last minute packing scurry time. Catch you on the flip side (of the Atlantic).

All the infoz~

July 12, 2015

Well, my friends, it had been far too long since I'd taken care of proper site updates beyond, you know, adding new books as they become available. So I've finally gotten off my butt and updated the FAQ section to reflect a ton of stuff going on around here lately. I had a down year due to that whole 'discs poking into my spinal cord' issue last year (they still are, but yay physical therapy, I can function!), and all my hard work to get back on top this year is yielding a sudden explosion of new projects coming to light. There's also a new Coming Soon page, for anyone who wonders what's next or what I'm working on because reasons. 

A bunch of other little things happened around here too, but the most immediately relevant is prrrrrrobably that my next release for Loose Id, Back to the Sky, got its own page. Back to the Sky is part of this weird little project of mine about Elementals, and if you want some basic info on that, the series page is here

TL;DR version: The Elementals books are unrelated, except thematically. There will be one for each of the four basic elements. Possibly I will also do the fifth, but I'mmmmm not sure about that.

And here's the love interest for the new one, as a tease. His name is Geordie Finsen and he may or may not be able to make it rain... as in literally. He is also a brick shithouse.

Art by Astro

And because it's been a FAQ: You will see Adam and Leith again, yes. I'm working on a little thing. ♥

Come get your Moondrop!

July 3, 2015

Happy long weekend, Americans! Be safe this Independence Day, okay? To the rest of you, happy regular weekend to you, too. I'm off to celebrate with the loud family (see also: Nobody's Hero), so that should be fun.

If you're looking for something to read this weekend, I've got something for you: Moondrop--my stand-alone freebie about a lonely English teacher and a tattooed dragon shifter--is free to download, now! Thanks to the Goodreads MM Romance group for their editorial and production work on this one. It came out quite pretty in all formats. Glad I found the right art for the cover, too.

Coverart: Drakonova/Shutterstock

Get your copy here. Just scroll down to the bottom and bam. It's yours. I'll put it on Smashwords once I come home from the weekend, too, but the MM Romance group's site is super easy to use and safe.

Also, just as a reminder, there are a lot of other freebies on the free reads page.

WIP Wednesday: #justbrothings

July 1, 2015

Adventures in co-writing, starring Carlin Grant and me! We're working on a book about--omg what--superheroes! Writing a scene where they pull off a dirt road and park behind a dilapidated old barn for a quickie, this was our commentary--with tiny (first draft and therefore wholly unedited!) NSFW snippets for color. Meet Beau and Saktivel, dirty south super-endurance trans boy and citified super-speed desi boy. They're vigilante buddies who might be accidentally boyfriends kinda? Whooooops they slipped and totally did it. Over and over and over...

As soon as [Vel's] orgasm finished, Beau pulled off, before oversensitivity could set in. Something weird and warm curled up inside Vel’s belly as he leaned, breathless, against the car door and let Beau straighten him out after so expertly undoing him. He carefully pulled up Vel’s shorts, tucking him gently before fixing his pants. When Beau got off his knees, he wrapped Vel in his arm while his other hand cupped his cheek, and kissed him, soft and sweet. Vel kissed back, eyes shut, and melted into Beau, clinging.

Carlin Grant:
2:00 PM
But he's not in love with you, Vel
at all
there are no feelings except being buddies here

Katey Hawthorne:
2:00 PM
just buddies tenderly blowing buddies on the side of the road
as you do

Vel smirked and pressed his lips to Beau’s pink-flushed ear. “Whatever you want, sweetness.” He was familiar enough with Beau’s body now to tell just by feeling it, that perfect level of hot, wet, swollen, and pulsing that meant he could push Beau over the edge or pull him back and make him work his way back up again. 
Seeing as they were on their way somewhere, and seeing as he was almost as desperate to feel Beau come as Beau was himself, brat retaliation could wait. Vel turned up the intensity on the pulse and vibration, sliding his hand back to slick it again then up and around, over and over. “Give it to to me,” he mumbled, then bit at Beau’s ear, kissed down his neck as he worked. “I want it. I want you.”

Katey Hawthorne:
3:13 PM
Nope no feelings here either, just one bro telling the other bro how much he wants him to come undone in his hands on the side of a road that's all.

Carlin Grant:
3:18 PM

So yeah, for anyone who ever wondered what it's like to co-write? It's like this.

PS if you don't know Carlin, you will soon. Their first novel is coming from Less Than Three Press as part of the Solitary Travelers collection I was talking about last week. Want to hear a sneak peek from our soundtrack? Check out their blog from today for some bluegrass Daft Punk action.

Sundry Updates: Freebies and Newbies

June 23, 2015

ITEM #1: 

The Goodreads M/M Romance group is doing their yearly Don't Read in the Closet story event, Love is an Open Road, again! The stories are being posted to the Goodreads group now (if you're a member, you can see them here), and eventually-soonish my story, MOONDROP, will join their ranks. A few days after they go live at the group, ebook versions will be uploaded to the group's website for any and all to have. I'll be sure and update!

For anyone who doesn't know how these events work, the deal is that group members choose an image and write a prompt based on it, in the form of a 'dear author' letter. The gorgeous one I managed to snag was written by Carey, and it looked like this:

Dear Author, 
I thought I knew what a soul mate was… 
We met when we were sixteen, were in love by seventeen. At twenty-two we bought a house together. At twenty-six we got a bigger house, a white picket fence and a golden retriever. The stuff dreams are made of right? At thirty-one, he comes home and says “I’m just not feeling it anymore,” then he’s gone… I’ve been replaced. Just. Like. That.
I thought I knew what a soul mate is; man did I have no idea. 
Two years later, I found out. 
I met him at a concert; he approached me like he’s been waiting his life for me. Little did I know at the time, that was exactly the case. It was a while before I learned that this guy, that I am falling fast for, is a dragon shifter and not only are soul mates real, but he only gets one. And it’s me. 

Now, you guys know me and the forced bonding trope by now, so I hope you'll trust that I did something non-ick with it--I did, honestly! And I know, I know, those dudes in the pic both look white and there's a Chinese dragon on the one guy. Carey and I changed some stuff up so it wasn't weird. No worries. I had so much fun researching dragons to bring something new to this one, I can't wait for it to go live. So here's the cover:

art credit: Shutterstock/Drakonova

ITEM #2:

I'm a a huge fan of Less Than Three Press. My ereader is full of their glory, and I have more than a few signed copies of my favorite books, too, from cons. So no one will be surprised to hear that now I'm finally able to, you know, type again, I've been stalking their submissions page for something that strikes my fancy. Well, it happened instantly with this one:

Solitary Travelers—An Asexual Collection—Wanderers, rogues, nomads, restless spirits—not everybody is content to stay in one place. Some people find happiness in exploring new places and forever chasing the horizon. Others are running from a past they can’t seem to leave behind. Some are desperately seeking the answer to a question that seems to change every day. Whatever their reason, the one true constant is never holding still too long. Less Than Three Press invites you to submit stories about people who live their life on the road.
I heard back last month that my fantasy/clockpunk type yarn, Blood and Clockwork, has been accepted as part of this fabulous collection of stand-alone novellas! It's about an itinerant horologist, Alistair Click, who's determined to find out the secret of The Mad Prince's long abandoned clockwork tower.

And it all goes downhill from there, obviously.

I'm so pleased to have found my first (but far from last) ace-spectrum protagonist a perfect home! I'll keep everyone updated on that as well.

ITEM #3:

Speaking of new contracts, there's one I've been hoping for in the mail to my lovelies at Loose Id right now. I probably shouldn't say much until I get it back and signed from them, but I can't contain myself giving a little bit away. Let's just say that the Elementals page here will be getting a new addition--in the AIR department--very, very soon.

Which means I should get to work on that little short I hand planned for my WATER boys, Leith and Adam, doesn't it? Hmmm....

This Week's Happenings

May 22, 2015

Hello hello! It's been a busy week for Superpowered Love, so I'll jump right into things.

-Miss out on the make-out excerpt? Check it out over at Rainbow Gold! Thanks for hosting it, y'all!

-Wanna know what's most fun about writing this series? The superpowers, obviously. Why? Check out my post on superpower applications (on stage and... in bed) at the TRS blog!

-Lesbians! Vaginas! Bob Fosse Flash Mobs! Jazz Hands! Techies vs. Actors! This post at J.A. Rock's blog has it all, you guys. In which we talk about all of the above and more.

Back next week with more fun times. ♥

And don't forget, for all your weekend reading needs...

The Playhouse is Live

May 12, 2015

Time for superpowered girlfriends--and theater! Get your copy of The Playhouse from Loose Id [and I'll add in more resellers to the list as they go live, but direct buying for the win, right?]. Look at them, I mean. Who could resist?

ETA: Amazon buy linkARe buy link

For excerpts and goodies, check out the page here at my site. 

For info, check out this weekend's post here at Superpowered Love or yesterday's guest blog at Love Bytes--which, by the way, contains a giveaway. Just drop a comment to enter! And OH HEY LOOK here's another from today at Joyfully Jay--with an exclusive excerpt! And another giveaway!

And in closing (for now!), just in case not everyone checks out the book page where I've put the warning, I want to give it again here: The Playhouse is my usual HEA romance novel, but it contains an incident of sexual harassment--with neither of the MCs as the harasser, obviously. It is dealt with as such (you can trust me to always do that, scouts honor), but I know reading that kind of thing can be uber-squickly or triggering for some people. Stay safe!

It's "Playhouse" Week!

May 10, 2015

Yes, it's Playhouse week here at Superpowered Love! This one is special to me for a couple of reasons. The first is pretty obvious: it's the first f/f book in the series. I've written a ton of f/f stories as my Other Self, KV Taylor, but that's all horror. This is my first official f/f romance, so I'm super excited for it.

The second is maybe less obvious if you don't know about my childhood. Don't worry, I'm not gonna give you a long drawn out story here, just the basics. The Playhouse is based so closely on the real Playhouse of my childhood--which is to say, it's exactly the same, down to the layout. Except, obviously, there's no "Brookesville, West Virginia". Still, it's not far off.

(If you're curious about the real Playhouse, here's a cute YouTube vid they did for their 40th season a few years back that has some old pics to give you an idea. Yes, it's really a barn. And it is epic.)

That said, I would like to apologize to the actual Arts Council, who are not in fact only half-awesome, as in the book.  I don't even know who's on the Arts Council these days, so there's that! Please don't get mad at me, I needed conflict to have a plot beyond 'cute girls kissing'. As awesome as cute girls kissing is. I mean, 

I did not base the characters on actual people, no, but as with any book, there are types that draw from life. The helpful, awesome family you grew up with type + childhood friends. (You know who you are, if you see this.) The cheerful younger staff member. The creepy stalker. The pain in the ass old guard was the only one I didn't actually draw slightly from life on, since what qualified for 'old guard' in my years there was the 'helpful, awesome family you grew up with', basically. More than one. But that's less of a type, right?

The last time I was involved directly with the real Playhouse, I was still in college and spent a summer living and working there. I haven't lived back home since, unfortunately. But ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to spend my whole summer there (in spite of it being literally a mile from my house).

And then I became a writer, so this is what happens. A love letter to the place and the people. With cute girls kissing... and superpowers.

For excerpts, character stats, and pretty arts, check out the Playhouse page--which will be updated Tuesday as new sellers go live with the book. All week long, I'm gonna be trekking around the internet dropping excerpts and info, so be sure to watch for those, too. They maaaaaay have chances to win your own copy of the book.

The Schedule:
Monday: Love Bytes
Tuesday: Joyfully Jay

... and more coming next week, but I'll save those for later. Thank you so much to the beautiful sites who've been so willing to host me and help me get the word out about this book that means so very, very much to me. ♥

The Playhouse excerpts are live!

April 28, 2015

It's time, it's time! Want to really meet the girls of The Playhouse? Head on over to the page here at the Superpowered Love blog to see Lily and Genevieve's first-ever make out... at the Sweeney Todd cast party... in the dressing room. Of course.

Theater people, amiright?

But wait, there's more! If you're interested in Lily's first love--otherwise known as the Brookesville Playhouse--head on over to Honey Bunny and catch a glimpse. That, and Lily being awkward about flirting.

Of course there will be more excerpts and more info as we get closer and closer to the release date, but... soon! Yay!

The Playhouse Cover!

April 24, 2015

... I love it so much. Once again, PL Nunn makes Superpowered Love look soooo good.

Lily, your butt. It's so cute. And Gen, your... everything. Damn, girls. ♥ Check out the page here for more info--excerpt coming soon!

Guest Post, Review, and Fairy Giveaway!

April 23, 2015

Looking for a chance to grab the Fairy Compacts Trilogy? Visit the fine folk at Rainbow Gold, where they have a feature for you! It has all kinds of things:

1. An exclusive excerpt.
2. What that excerpt and fairy magic means for me--and the boys.
3. An incredibly thoughtful review by Sam--10/10!

"The author did an amazing job creating a the vivid description of the two worlds and the characters within. The illustrations that are included are stunning."

Check out the post here! And don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win ♥

The Playhouse Blurb is Live!

April 6, 2015

Exciting news from Superpowered Love Land! The Playhouse has its own page over at Loose Id--where it should be available in a little more than a month now, and is already on the 'coming soon' page. So cool!

Thanks to Jenna Rose for the help with that blurb, btw. I'll introduce y'all to her soon, if you don't know her already, because we're cooking up a new project together... oooh mysterious!

In the meantime, if you wanna check out the blurb, fabulous art, and character stats, hit up the page right here on my site and meet the girls of The Playhouse. Excerpt to be added in, ohhhh... a week or two?

Guest blogs and reviews for the Fairy Compacts Trilogy

March 30, 2015

Quick little something-or-other about the goings on in the wake of the new omnibus edition of Fairy Compacts!

-4 out of 5 stars from Dan at Love Bytes reviews! "I really enjoyed my day today, living in the world of this story." How cool is that? Thanks to the Love Bytes crew for giving it a shot.

-Guest blog on Fae-spiration at Prism Book Alliance! Wanna know what inspired me when I was building Tam and Aeron's world(s)? This is the place to check out! Includes some great recs for other fae reads, if you're into that, from both me and some of the Prism readers. Thank you for having me, Brandilyn and crew.

-4.75 out of 5 stars from Kris at Joyfully Jay! "When I was finished, I had that feeling of a story well done, and characters that had wormed their way into my heart." Thanks, Kris, for grabbing it off the pile and checking it out.

That's all for now! I'm knee-deep in trying to wrap up a few woefully late projects, but I'll return for more news on The Playhouse later in the week, I hope.

Snag your copy of Fairy Compacts

March 24, 2015

The trilogy is live at Amazon now!

It's still available elsewhere as all three books, though, never fear if Amazon isn't your thing. Same price, all together. Want to sample? The first one is always free.

1. Read it at the GR M/M Romance group, or download a mobi, ePub, pdf, or zipped html file from the GoodReads page.
2. Download a mobi, ePub, pdf, lit, or zipped html file from my folder.
3. Get an all-formats zip file from my Gumroad shop.
4. Download in multiple formats from Smashwords.
5. Get it from All Romance eBooks.


March 19, 2015

... Well, there's more to it than wingsex, but that's one of my favorite not-real words so I figured I'd just go with that. I hope everyone had a fun and safe St. Patrick's day. If you didn't get your copy of the Superpowered Love freebie, starring super-dads Jamie and Kellan, check it out here.

Now, onto the wings! At last, at last, the Fairy Compacts series will be available on Amazon next week. It's an omnibus edition, and it's already up for pre-order here. I'll do a few blog stops to celebrate the occasion next week, too.

Cover art by Ruxandra Lache

Quick question and answer about this edition!

Q: Why an omnibus?
A: Amazon is difficult about freebies. So it was either wait until an omnibus edition was possible (as in, 'til all three books were out), or charge for the first one. Nahhhh. So instead, it's a 3-for-the-price-of-2 deal.

Q: So why bother with Amazon?
A: So readers can get it wherever they want it. More options = better!

Q: Will it be available anywhere else?
A: If people want it, I can do it. But all three are available for download everywhere else for the same price, so it might be a little redundant.

Q: Does this edition have the illustrations?
A: Yes! Both of Ruxandra's illustrations from books 2 and 3 are in the omnibus. And they look great!

Q: What about the Special Edition illustrations?
A: No, only the contributors to 2012's FOR RAVEN campaign got the third illustrations for books 2 and 3--that was part of their perk package. You can see thumbnails of ALL the art here though!

Q: Are there any differences between the individual editions and the omnibus?
A: Apart from the covers and the acknowledgement/intro notes (I wrote a new one), all content is exactly the same. If you already own the three novellas separately, you already have the whole deal.

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