January 14, 2015

Hey remember how I mentioned the Superpowered Love Boxed set? Containing all of the six Superpowered Love books currently in existence? 

Yeah that's the one!

Welp for two weeks only, this baby is going for the incredibly low intro price of $8.99 at both Amazon and ARe. That is literally $20 off. I don't know if this will ever happen again, so if you were considering it--man. Jump on it!

As a general update:

-Just sent a new Superpowered Love to the editor. Let's see how that pans out, but it involves cute girls.
-Just started a new freebie for St. Patrick's day 2015. That alone will probably tell most people who it's about, but as a little hint:

Jamie and Kellan by Astro
And yeah, Astro's back to do the cover, too :D
tracykitnreads said...

All the YAY!!! Especially the St Pat's story!!!!

('Scuse me while I *squeeeee*)

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