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February 25, 2015

I can't say a ton right now, but I'm so excited I just have to share this with you all. I've just signed a contract with the awesome folk at Loose Id for the next Superpowered Love book, tentatively titled The Playhouse! That's right, you guys, it's time for adorable theater girlfriends... plus superpowers!

This book has been planned for--god, I don't even know, maybe two years now? Bogged down by all my various dramas, family and health-wise, I started to think I would never get to give these girls the send-off they deserve. Why was I so excited about them? I mean, apart from the obvious fun with pyrotechnics you can get out of having a hot-thermal in your theater?

Maybe Julia Alison's gorgeous artistic interpretation of them will help me explain:

... I know. Gah. I can't deal. (And yes, this is the same Julia Alison who, years ago, brought us the adorable Brady and Etienne character sketches. She's amazing, right?)

So head on over to the new page for The Playhouse and meet Genevieve and Lily properly. I'll update the page with the blurb, excepts, and all the usual stuff as Raven (Editor Supreme!) lets me know about the timeline situation. Until then, ♥

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