The Playhouse is Live

May 12, 2015

Time for superpowered girlfriends--and theater! Get your copy of The Playhouse from Loose Id [and I'll add in more resellers to the list as they go live, but direct buying for the win, right?]. Look at them, I mean. Who could resist?

ETA: Amazon buy linkARe buy link

For excerpts and goodies, check out the page here at my site. 

For info, check out this weekend's post here at Superpowered Love or yesterday's guest blog at Love Bytes--which, by the way, contains a giveaway. Just drop a comment to enter! And OH HEY LOOK here's another from today at Joyfully Jay--with an exclusive excerpt! And another giveaway!

And in closing (for now!), just in case not everyone checks out the book page where I've put the warning, I want to give it again here: The Playhouse is my usual HEA romance novel, but it contains an incident of sexual harassment--with neither of the MCs as the harasser, obviously. It is dealt with as such (you can trust me to always do that, scouts honor), but I know reading that kind of thing can be uber-squickly or triggering for some people. Stay safe!

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