Friday, May 22, 2015

This Week's Happenings

Hello hello! It's been a busy week for Superpowered Love, so I'll jump right into things.

-Miss out on the make-out excerpt? Check it out over at Rainbow Gold! Thanks for hosting it, y'all!

-Wanna know what's most fun about writing this series? The superpowers, obviously. Why? Check out my post on superpower applications (on stage and... in bed) at the TRS blog!

-Lesbians! Vaginas! Bob Fosse Flash Mobs! Jazz Hands! Techies vs. Actors! This post at J.A. Rock's blog has it all, you guys. In which we talk about all of the above and more.

Back next week with more fun times. ♥

And don't forget, for all your weekend reading needs...

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