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July 12, 2015

Well, my friends, it had been far too long since I'd taken care of proper site updates beyond, you know, adding new books as they become available. So I've finally gotten off my butt and updated the FAQ section to reflect a ton of stuff going on around here lately. I had a down year due to that whole 'discs poking into my spinal cord' issue last year (they still are, but yay physical therapy, I can function!), and all my hard work to get back on top this year is yielding a sudden explosion of new projects coming to light. There's also a new Coming Soon page, for anyone who wonders what's next or what I'm working on because reasons. 

A bunch of other little things happened around here too, but the most immediately relevant is prrrrrrobably that my next release for Loose Id, Back to the Sky, got its own page. Back to the Sky is part of this weird little project of mine about Elementals, and if you want some basic info on that, the series page is here

TL;DR version: The Elementals books are unrelated, except thematically. There will be one for each of the four basic elements. Possibly I will also do the fifth, but I'mmmmm not sure about that.

And here's the love interest for the new one, as a tease. His name is Geordie Finsen and he may or may not be able to make it rain... as in literally. He is also a brick shithouse.

Art by Astro

And because it's been a FAQ: You will see Adam and Leith again, yes. I'm working on a little thing. ♥

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