WIP Wednesday: #justbrothings

July 1, 2015

Adventures in co-writing, starring Carlin Grant and me! We're working on a book about--omg what--superheroes! Writing a scene where they pull off a dirt road and park behind a dilapidated old barn for a quickie, this was our commentary--with tiny (first draft and therefore wholly unedited!) NSFW snippets for color. Meet Beau and Saktivel, dirty south super-endurance trans boy and citified super-speed desi boy. They're vigilante buddies who might be accidentally boyfriends kinda? Whooooops they slipped and totally did it. Over and over and over...

As soon as [Vel's] orgasm finished, Beau pulled off, before oversensitivity could set in. Something weird and warm curled up inside Vel’s belly as he leaned, breathless, against the car door and let Beau straighten him out after so expertly undoing him. He carefully pulled up Vel’s shorts, tucking him gently before fixing his pants. When Beau got off his knees, he wrapped Vel in his arm while his other hand cupped his cheek, and kissed him, soft and sweet. Vel kissed back, eyes shut, and melted into Beau, clinging.

Carlin Grant:
2:00 PM
But he's not in love with you, Vel
at all
there are no feelings except being buddies here

Katey Hawthorne:
2:00 PM
just buddies tenderly blowing buddies on the side of the road
as you do

Vel smirked and pressed his lips to Beau’s pink-flushed ear. “Whatever you want, sweetness.” He was familiar enough with Beau’s body now to tell just by feeling it, that perfect level of hot, wet, swollen, and pulsing that meant he could push Beau over the edge or pull him back and make him work his way back up again. 
Seeing as they were on their way somewhere, and seeing as he was almost as desperate to feel Beau come as Beau was himself, brat retaliation could wait. Vel turned up the intensity on the pulse and vibration, sliding his hand back to slick it again then up and around, over and over. “Give it to to me,” he mumbled, then bit at Beau’s ear, kissed down his neck as he worked. “I want it. I want you.”

Katey Hawthorne:
3:13 PM
Nope no feelings here either, just one bro telling the other bro how much he wants him to come undone in his hands on the side of a road that's all.

Carlin Grant:
3:18 PM

So yeah, for anyone who ever wondered what it's like to co-write? It's like this.

PS if you don't know Carlin, you will soon. Their first novel is coming from Less Than Three Press as part of the Solitary Travelers collection I was talking about last week. Want to hear a sneak peek from our soundtrack? Check out their blog from today for some bluegrass Daft Punk action.
tracykitnreads said...

EEEEEP! (*kinda want this nownownowpleaseandthankyouboth*)

(Also now and forever the name Beau will always be accompanied by the mental picture of adorable California boy/hockey player Beau Bennett. Possibly in the form of a perpetually slightly disheveled baby penguin. I have deep deep issues.)

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