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August 26, 2015

Hello from Chennai! We're on the second leg of our journey, having spent the first in lovely Ireland (a few pics here on my tumblr, for the interested), and now it's time for some chilling out in Tamil Nadu. Well, sort of, since I'm preppping for the release of Back to the Sky almost as soon as I come back to the States. Yay! 

In that vein, I've set up some little excerpts on the Back to the Sky page. There's one that's pretty straightforward, the first meeting of our point of view hero and his love interest in person. And then there's a second one called "Dirty Girl Scouts" that is... well, what it says on the tin, if you know that a 'dirty girl scout' is a drink, not a kid who's rolled around in mud. Another kind of dirty.

Talk to you all again when it's time for a cover reveal!

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