And the Winners Are...

September 23, 2015

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Everyone's been contacted, and they'll be getting their shiny new copies of BACK TO THE SKY ASAP. Thanks so much to everyone who checked out the blog tour! If you missed the rest of the activity, it's still worth checking out for little tidbits and rambles, so here's what went on:

@ MM Good I talked about the elements and my fascination with elemental creatures and characters. Includes a book review!
@ Diverse Reader I did something a little more personal than usual and talked about authors (... me) putting pieces of themselves (... myself >.>) into characters. Includes a book review!
@ The Romance Studio I talked about the inspiration for the "Dirty Girl Scouts" excerpt. Body shots ftw.
@ Joyfully Jay you'll find an exclusive, super NSFW excerpt. Looking to heat things up, here's the ticket! Feeling blue that you didn't win a copy? Let this salve your wounded soul!

Right that's coming on a little strong, but you get my point.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride. ♥
Anonymous said...

Thank you Katey :)

I received Back to the Sky and i look forward in reading it.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I am so looking forward to reading this one!

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