Book Birthday: Back to the Sky!

September 8, 2015

We have books! Obviously authors love it when you go publisher direct (and LI does some cool rewards program stuff, if you shop there a lot), but for reasons of convenience and gift cards and all that, have a few more too. Here are the first of the Back to the Sky buy links~ 

Be sure to check out the start of my Back to the Sky blog tour, too: Today I hit up The Novel Approach, where I talk about the, uh, different treatment "magic" gets in these Elementals books. Comes complete with a never-before-seen excerpt as illustration! 

Oh yeah, also, Rafflecopter giveaway for copies, in case buying is not an option just yet. I feel ya.

ETA: it occurs to me that in my travel flurry of the last month, I haven't posted anything about warnings for this book! I know there are some themes that can either turn off or outright trigger people, so in the interest of both enjoyment and safety, here are some potential flags for you guys.  Of course I try to handle all these themes well, but I totally understand just not wanting to go there sometimes. They are vaguely spoilery, so please highlight below to see them:

-Brief sugarkink/light bondage
-Sex work
-Respectability politics
-Alcohol use, occasionally irresponsibly so

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