Hotties Abound

October 14, 2015

All kinds of hotties. First, if you haven't already seen via the K&T site, there are excerpts around for Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers, now. (I'm also gonna read a different passage from it at GRL this weekend, so please come see me if you're there! ♥) Check out all the excerpts here! Warning, though, one is VERY NSFW. Just how we like it >.>

More immediately, though, as in today--Haunted Hotties Vol. 1 is alive! There are loads of great stories in this one, perfect for getting you into the spirit of the season. My little tale is called Præsidium, and it involves demons, a demon-hunter, and a witch, and... oh man. Check it out at these places:

And probably more soon!

If you just want to try them out one at a time, they're also available individually. You can find Præsidium here:

But it's a better deal to buy the whole thing, and you will not regret it. I read them while we were proofing and. Yeah. Go for it :D [ETA: Oooh, an excellent review already! Awesome, thanks Inked Rainbow!]

And now... I better go catch this flight. Right!

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