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October 24, 2015

First, I had a great time at GRL San Diego, so thanks to everyone who made it awesome. (Here's a tiny rundown for those interested.) 

Great week for books, y'all--from my point of view! Right now, at the Loose Id blog, I've got a post up about a lot of the personal stuff that went into BACK TO THE SKY. Okay, so that may not be exciting to anyone but me, but give it a shot if you're interested in just why the book is more navel-gazey than most things I put out there. What is potentially exciting to more than me for sure is that both of my Elementals books are 20% off this week at Loose Id, which is huge!

Cool, right?

And speaking of discounts...

KANAAN & TILNEY: THE CASE OF THE ARMS DEALERS is coming on Tuesday eeee! It's already available for pre-order, though, and you get a nice 10% discount if you go for it, so check it out

Jenna and I are going to be bouncing all over the net this week talking about our wonderful/weird mash up of paranormal/suspense/romance and our boys, Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney. So be sure to check out...

We'll be posting links as the stops go live, so please join us for fun, facts, and a giveaway!

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