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December 29, 2015

Come get it while it's hot! ... Okay, so this book probably has enough hot to go around, but still. Stronger, Better, Faster, More, my superhero project with the wonderful Carlin Grant, is now live! Check the link for excerpts, one of which is, by the way, NSFW so be warned!

So far it's available at Loose Id, obviously, and Amazon, but I'll add to its page as more appear. Be sure and check out our lil blog tour, starting today over at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words, for a chance to win a gift card to buy alllll the books! Tomorrow we'll see you over at Joyfully Jay, and on New Years Eve we're partying with The Novel Approach.


SBFM Pre-orders are here!

December 27, 2015

Stronger, Better, Faster, More pre-orders are here--and for a very limited time--as in while LI is having today's sale--they're not JUST the usual 10% off, but also an extra 30%! Great time for a bargain, right? Treat yourself to a lil post-holiday hotness ♥

More news coming soon, along with the winners of the K&T Holiday Giveaway, but here we goooooo!

Holiday giveaway time!

December 20, 2015

It's my co-author Jenna Rose's birthday--plus the holidays! Two great excuses to give gifts, right? That's why this week we're doing...

We're giving away two prize packs, each of which contains:

  • A hand-stamped Moleskine cahier pocket journal, complete with John's own Kanaan & Tilney investigations logo!
  • An "I'm a Marshmallow" pin, to remind you of what a burnt marshmallow grouchy pants sweet pea Lowell is.
  • A $10 gift card to Loose Id!

Check it out here, over at Jenna's Blog, or at Love Bytes--thanks for letting us drop in and interview the boys, Dani! (Seriously check that interview out, because it reveals the MYSTERIOUS ORIGINS of Lowell wanting to be a detective.)

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Stronger, Better, Faster, More

December 14, 2015

Sorry for the blog silence, but it's THAT TIME OF YEAR when shit gets real, amiright? I've been super busy with family things (and shopping...), but also with work. Bringing you something new and fresh...

Cover by Mina Carter

... Sorry was distracted by Beau's abs. Ahem.

ANYHOW. This is some serious superhero work right here my friends, let me tell you. Also, you may remember this summer when my co-author Carlin and I were discussing #justbrothings that came out of writing this one. We're super excited about it, because not only do we love superpowers, but we got to write about a mouthy, superspeed desi boy and a sweet southern trans guy with mega-endurance. Daring rescues! Origin stories! Superpowered libidos!

Yeah that just happened. 

For more info, we've got the page set up here. But this one is coming on fast, at the end of December, so get ready for a party Next up, excerpts! ♥

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