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December 14, 2015

Sorry for the blog silence, but it's THAT TIME OF YEAR when shit gets real, amiright? I've been super busy with family things (and shopping...), but also with work. Bringing you something new and fresh...

Cover by Mina Carter

... Sorry was distracted by Beau's abs. Ahem.

ANYHOW. This is some serious superhero work right here my friends, let me tell you. Also, you may remember this summer when my co-author Carlin and I were discussing #justbrothings that came out of writing this one. We're super excited about it, because not only do we love superpowers, but we got to write about a mouthy, superspeed desi boy and a sweet southern trans guy with mega-endurance. Daring rescues! Origin stories! Superpowered libidos!

Yeah that just happened. 

For more info, we've got the page set up here. But this one is coming on fast, at the end of December, so get ready for a party Next up, excerpts! ♥

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