Aelfwear and the Scuffed Shoes

July 31, 2016

So now it's been out there for a while, here's my story about writing Aelfwear:

I had a vague idea for a story for the Enchanted Soles collection as soon as I saw the call for stories. Bisexuals and magic shoes? Some of my favorite things! The triangle with Frida--our elf who makes the magic shoes; Angie--the beautiful businesswoman who needs her help; and Morgan--Frida's ex and Angie's current fiance, was set in my mind, ready to explode. 

But how could Angie piss off Morgan, her asshole would-be husband? What could Frida do to help her?

There's a bar down the street from my house where I like to work sometimes. (This is not a subject change, I swear, I'm going somewhere with this.) It's usually empty mid-day, or almost empty, with just a few people there for lunch or who just got off an early or late-late shift. The music is good and the bartenders know my drink, so it's cool, and I can work in peace and use their wifi.

So one day I was working on an early draft of Aelfwear--or more accurately, I was staring off into space wondering what the fuck I was going to do with Aelfwear. The bartender, the one I know best, was standing nearby and asked me if I needed anything. So I asked her:

"What is something that would drive you absolutely batshit about a date? Like, if they did this one thing, you'd never go out with them again?"

And she thought for a second, then said, "I hate when peoples' shoes are untidy. Like scuffed up, like they don't take care of their things. I don't know why but it's a huge turn off."


So thanks, Kaleigh, my fave bartender in the world, for the help. And for giving me permission to use it in my story.

Oh, also, I finished writing Aelfwear sitting at a very small desk in my niece and nephew's playroom in Chennai, with the air conditioner cranked to eleven. Occasionally one of them would come in and "help" me. So thanks, Adu and Abhi, for the help.

Check Aelfwear and Enchanted Soles out here, or head straight to the shopping cart! 

Unknown said...

That is such a story-appropriate peeve for her to have! And cool that you have a concrete answer to that perplexing 'where did you get your inspiration' question :)

Meghan Brunner said...

So very cool! I loved Aelfwear when I read it, and now I love it even more. Sometimes all you have to do is ask the question!

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