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September 26, 2016

So the Alchemiya Blog Tour is out in full force now, and there's still lots of time to enter the giveaway for gift cards! Drop by any of the posts and check it out. And may I recommend yesterday's stop at Love in a Time of Feminism (a site both Eugenia and Olivia would love, tyvm), where they posed an excellent question for my guest post:

Great stuff, huh?

While I still haunt tumblr daily--and twitter most days--I'm still pretty facebook-shy. The circle of friends on there is great, but the site has always rubbed me the wrong way with a lot of its policies. I get most of my blogging out here or at tumblr, but there's something slightly stand-offish about both. That's why I decided to start an Imzy community--which is really just a personal blog. There, I'm going to be blogging a lot more as-I-write kind of stuff, slightly more personal than what happens here. Imzy will be the place for tl;dr stuff, basically, which I tend not to post here because... well, tbh it's the stuff I doubt is of interest to most.

But if you are someone who enjoys talking about the process of writing, seeing how others write, participating in random fandom stuff, or if you just feel like keeping up with me on a slightly more personal (read: seeing me fangirl) level, check it out and friend me!

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