Multi-Author, Multi-Book Interview Time!

October 24, 2016

Vampires, Werewolves, Fae, Witches, Demons! We've got it all. Welcome to my special guests, all in the Halloween spirit.... -Katey

We’re here with Matt Antonin and Thackeray from Katey Hawthorne’s Praesidium, Aiken Kavanaugh from Kinsey Holley’s Going for Brook and Jason Cook from PG Forte’s Going Back to Find You

Welcome gentlemen. It’s good of you to join us. It seems you’ve all been involved with paranormal incursions, of one sort of the other this Halloween season. But this year also found you teaming up with someone to prevent one or more disasters. What was your first impression of him?

Matt: Brick Shithouse. I mean, he did attack me in a shrubbery.

Thackeray: It wasn't an attack! More like a... gentle... ambush.

Matt: Mmm-hmm. Answer the question.

Thackeray: Witchy. (Long pause.) And then, eventually, "hot punk librarian."

Matt: Nice.

Aiken: I like Jason. Solid lad when you need backup. He drinks blood but he’s not a murderer or anything 

Jason: Aiken was a little manic when I first met him—it was a stressful situation. But I could tell right away that he was definitely the kind of guy you’d want at your back in a crisis. Unless the crisis involves excessive blood loss; then you might be screwed.

Q#2:  If your life was turned into a movie, who would play you? 
       Matt: Man, I don't know any actors who have my hair. My hair is my best feature.
       Thackeray: The guy who plays Luke Cage.
       Matt: I could see that, actually. Damn.

Aiken: Sebastian Stan.

Jason: Max Thierot—but he’s not really tall enough.  Maybe Justin Hartley? 
Q#3: Who would play your lover?
       Matt: Well now I have Mike Colter stuck in my head but, nah. I don't know. Someone huge, though. And fine. Okay yeah maybe Mike Colter.

Thackeray: Jussie Smollett.

Matt: ... you watch Empire?

Thackeray: I thought everyone did.

      Aiken:  Kate Mara.

Jason:  Nina Dobrev is almost a dead ringer. It’s kind of ironic, actually.

Q#4: If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?

Thackeray: ... no comment.

Matt: That's not how it's played, Thackeray. Come on. One thing.

Thackeray: I'd keep my mother from moving us into that house. 

Matt: Then you wouldn't be a demon hunter.

Thackeray: This is why I didn't want to answer. Makes no sense, changing things.

Matt: I'd change it so Thackeray would tell me everything right away instead of making me wait. 

Thackeray: Ha, ha.

Aiken: Different parents.

Jason: I’m with Thackeray on this one. You think you’re changing one thing, but you might end up changing everything. However, if there had been any way I could have said goodbye to Liz before I left for San Francisco, I would have liked to do that.

Q5: What’s next for you? 

Thackeray: More of the same... but better.

Matt: You big softie. 

Thackeray: ...

Matt: What he said.

Aiken: No idea. That’s the only way for quasi-immortals to keep from going mad with boredom – never look too far down the road.

Jason: That’s kind of up to Liz. I think she’d like for us to keep traveling. But, eventually, I’d like to move back to the Midwest—at least for a little while.

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