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December 30, 2016

I'm gonna divide this longish post into some small bits so people can skip to the bit they want. It's mega TL;DR and I know it ;)


I normally do more personal stuff over at my imzy, but it's been quiet due to madness I will briefly detail below. I try to keep this blog a lil less "talk about Katey!" because, you know. That's not the point :D But here goes...

Well, what an eventful few months I've been having! Last time I posted, I was in India for Diwali, and Witchy Boys was new and shiny for Halloween. It's been one thing after another since then--India was great, but thanks to someone hacking behind me on the longest flight of the trip home (Abu Dhabi to New York is pretty long, y'all, just saying), I ended up sick for... a long time. TOTALLY WORTH IT, but still. THEN, we found out we'll be moving soon, which is cool but a touch stressful... okay, a lot stressful, as this time we have to, you know, sell our house. Wow. Adulting sucks amiright?

We hosted the holidays at our house for the first time, though, and it was a success! I might've had to sleep for three days after, but we did it. Hope everyone who celebrated something had and is having a great time with friends or family or both.


If you have not seen Yuri on Ice, yet, my only question to you is: why not? Ice skating! Beautiful animation! No queerbaiting: ACTUAL CONFIRMED QUEER LOVE. Plus, general hilarity and sweetness and oh my god the first season just ended how will I survive 'til season 2?

Katsuku Yuri and Victor Nikiforov, precious figure skating star babies.

Here, try episode 1. You'll thank me. Or hate me because you will live in YoI hell with me now. Sorry not sorry.


In spite of being quiet, I have not been idle! Today, the next Superpowered Love book ships off to my editor at Loose Id, yay! It's been entirely too long since the last installment, The Playhouse, and for that I apologize. Last year was... wild. I mean it was for all of us, but I had a whole spinal surgery thing that really cramped my style for the first half of the year so I couldn't write. I'm really back on top of things now, though, and so I will finally get to introduce you all to Bren and Jody. I've been working on their story for literally years now, since before Nobody's Hero back in March of 2012.

The series is on its way to the climax, and so things are beginning to tie together, but I'll make sure they can be read standalone too, as always. More on that soon. In the meantime, here's cutie pie Jody, from Superpowered Love #8, who I hope you can all meet soon:

Jody Aguirre by Astro


On a more sobering note, probably you've all heard about ARe closing by now. You have, apparently, 1 more day to download your library there if you haven't already--then it goes poof. The problem is (okay ONE of the MANY problems is...) that a lot of publishers have already made their books unavailable, so they can't be downloaded. And the notice is disturbingly short, which means not everyone could download them even if they did hear the news, depending on life things.

Everyone else has said it better, so I won't belabor the point. What I will say, though, is that if you bought any of my self-published titles at ARe (Witchy Boys or the Fairy Compacts Series individual books--the rest are freebies and available all over the place) and didn't get to download them, send me a screenshot of your ARe library or your email receipt (dig through that old email trash!) and I'll get you a new copy immediately. I'm leaving them up until the last minute for people who already bought them, but please, if you haven't bought them, don't get them there :D

And now begins the fun task of taking down every ARe link on this site. Welp!

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