Hello from RT. Also, meet the new heroes~

May 2, 2017

Hey, hey, Atlanta! It's been a few years but I missed you!

If any of y'all are at RT, please hit me up. I'll be all over the place, but definites are the Riptide Cards Against Humanity game on Wednesday and of course the Book Fair--and the FANtastic day party! I've got swag, and I'm not afraid to use it.

... I might be a little loopy from travel. Apologies.

In other news, I'm now moved into the new house and working hard again. Which means it's safe to announce that Superpowered Love #8, THE TAKEDOWN is coming to an ereader near you soon. If you're keen, go and meet the heroes, Bren and Jody, on the shiny new book page. It's gonna be intense.

Jody Aguirre's family was kidnapped and tortured by witch hunters, and after a few days of captivity, he's all that's left. Using his frosty awakened superpowers, Jody manages to escape—and is rescued from the side of the road by Bren Faulkner's stretch Town Car. Bren, a hot-thermal awakened with government connections, promises to help find the witch hunters who destroyed Jody's life. 

While navigating his trauma and pain, Jody comes to rely on Bren for more than just food, his house, and his superpowered connections. Brendan is all that reminds Jody what's left to live for, and a strong advocate for justice vs. vengeance, like the proverbial knight in shining armor he is. As their affection for one another deepens and their attraction becomes impossible to deny, Bren wonders if acting on their feelings would be taking advantage. Jody, meanwhile, struggles to claw his way back to something like normality, knowing that Bren's part of the solution, not the problem.

But none of it matters, if they don't take down those witch hunters.

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