Loose Id News and What's Next (Hint: Kanaan & Tilney!)

December 4, 2017

Some of you will have heard by now, but in case anyone hasn't, my publisher for six and a half years now, Loose Id, will be closing its doors in 2018. It's been a long and exciting journey for me with them, and I'm super grateful for them giving me my start and my dream editor, Raven McKnight. 

In mid-May, all of my books with them will become unavailable, but not for long. Some will be re-homed and others will be re-released by me, but nothing will disappear forever. That said, nearly every single title of mine is on sale right now at the LI site. I specifically recommend picking up a copy of Kanaan & Tilney: The Case of the Arms Dealers because...

On December 26th, the second Kanaan & Tilney Investigation is coming! Click through for more info, but check out that cover by Dar Albert! Wooo ♥ Doesn't Lowell look PERFECTLY broody? 

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