Equilibrium is here!

August 1, 2018

Yay! Today's the day the Superpowered Love series comes back to life, and I'm so excited. The new and very much improved Equilibrium is available at Less Than Three Press and these other vendors (more to come as they pop up) now!

For those of you who are new around here, welcome! The Superpowered Love series focuses on the amorous adventures of a people called the "awakened". These people exist in our own society, just under the surface, keeping themselves as safe as possible by staying secret. Different pockets of awakened individuals have different emphases. In Cleveland, there's a large group dedicated to charitable works and saving lives (see book three when it arrives, Nobody's Hero); in DC, there are awakened agents planted in all levels of government and military operations who keep things on the DL for their people (see book four, Losing Better, and book eight, The Takedown); in Pittsburgh, awakened folk seem to just go about their daily lives without a whole lot of organization one way or the other (see book two, Riot Boy, and the upcoming book eleven); in Virginia, awakened families have a meet-up once a year at a resort town to talk about the issues affecting the community (see book ten, eventually!).

They all have two things in common, though: superpowers and romance. Lots and lots of romance, sometimes complicated by their superpowers, sometimes, er, augmented.

And now's a great time to hop on board, with this new, second edition of Equilibrium! And look out for Riot Boy, re-releasing next month, equally renovated and ready to go. ♥

Cover Reveal and Re-release News

July 6, 2018

Today's the big cover reveal for two of the new Superpowered Love covers: Equilibrium and Riot Boy! I'm so excited by what Less Than Three and artist Natasha Snow have come up with for these.

These aren't just lightly edited re-releases either. Very few authors get the opportunity to go back to their first published book and level it up, but re-releasing with LT3 is giving me just that. New, better content will be added; focus will be shifted to reflect the book's new home; and of course, other nips and tucks here and there will make Equilibrium shine. I can't wait to share it with everyone again. ♥

Equilibrium is coming in August, but you can pre-order both books now at Less Than Three! Click the cover to head over to the pre-sale pages.

The New Lives of Old Books

May 21, 2018

Okay, they're not that old, but I'm super pleased to be able to announce my plans for both the Superpowered Love and Elementals series: 

Superpowered Love has found a new home with the marvelous Less Than Three press! I've known and worked with them for years now, and I couldn't be happier that they've accepted all eight extant books. I'm also super looking forward to working on the last 2 (or maybe 3...) with them to bring this epic series to the close I've been planning for years now. I hope you'll join me for the ride!

Work has already begun on the first book, Equilibrium, and I'll be quick with updates as things progress. Have I mentioned I'm excited? I'm so excited! 

As for the Elementals--I know, I know, I only do one of these every three years, it seems like. I've been planning book 3 for ages now, but this will be the year. In that spirit, I've just re-released the first two via Amazon. They're on Kindle Unlimited and available for purchase! Check out By the River and Back to the Sky

As a side note, if you want to know more, please check out the Elementals page or the separate book pages. Also, if anyone would like a review copy of By the River or Back to the Sky, please get in touch with me and let me know your preferred format. kate AT kateyhawthorne DOT com.

Makeover Time

April 11, 2018

Almost seven years ago, I made a site called "Superpowered Love" when I sold my romance first novel, Equilibrium, to Loose Id. Before that book was even published, I already had the next two sent off to the editor, and I knew this was gonna be a long and awesome road. Late last year, book 8 in the series, The Takedown, dropped. And I'm not quite finished, either. Somewhere in there, people started referring to the series itself as "Superpowered Love"--so Loose Id rolled with it, and I loved it. 

Now, as I work on Book 9, Loose Id is winding down its last month of sales. On May 15, all of its books will start disappearing from online retailers. For me, it's an end to an amazing era.

But it's also the beginning of a new one. The "Superpowered Love" series--and all my other work--will be finding new life starting this summer. Partly through relationships with other publishers I've come to know and love over the past few years, and partly through things I'm gonna do with other authors or on my own. I'm feeling pretty good about all this, and I'll have announcements in May for sure, so stay tuned.

In a similar vein, it's been a big couple of months--year, even--for queer romance and romance in general. A lot of issues that need to be more widely talked about, in particular abuse and racism in the industry, are finally getting the attention they deserve. This is mostly thanks to a few brave people, both people who've been directly abused and authors of color who are sharing their experiences, speaking out. I love and support these people and can't thank them enough. I'm gonna boost their signals when and where I can.

A lot of this is part of my decision to take on more self-publishing and independent projects. Those of you on social media might have seen the joint statement issued by authors of the wlw Rose & Thorn series, formerly of Riptide, stating that we'll now be going it alone. But not alone--actually together. ♥ But I'm also excited to keep working with Less Than Three Press, who've always been amazing. 

It's a new chapter for me, and so I figured it was time for a site makover. Ta-dah!

And now, I'm gonna fuck off to France for a few weeks, because sweet Jesus, I need a vacation. Catch you on the flipsside--or if you're a social media kid like me, catch you there. More to come upon my return!

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