Equilibrium is here!

August 1, 2018

Yay! Today's the day the Superpowered Love series comes back to life, and I'm so excited. The new and very much improved Equilibrium is available at Less Than Three Press and these other vendors (more to come as they pop up) now!

For those of you who are new around here, welcome! The Superpowered Love series focuses on the amorous adventures of a people called the "awakened". These people exist in our own society, just under the surface, keeping themselves as safe as possible by staying secret. Different pockets of awakened individuals have different emphases. In Cleveland, there's a large group dedicated to charitable works and saving lives (see book three when it arrives, Nobody's Hero); in DC, there are awakened agents planted in all levels of government and military operations who keep things on the DL for their people (see book four, Losing Better, and book eight, The Takedown); in Pittsburgh, awakened folk seem to just go about their daily lives without a whole lot of organization one way or the other (see book two, Riot Boy, and the upcoming book eleven); in Virginia, awakened families have a meet-up once a year at a resort town to talk about the issues affecting the community (see book ten, eventually!).

They all have two things in common, though: superpowers and romance. Lots and lots of romance, sometimes complicated by their superpowers, sometimes, er, augmented.

And now's a great time to hop on board, with this new, second edition of Equilibrium! And look out for Riot Boy, re-releasing next month, equally renovated and ready to go. ♥

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