Who doesn't love a freebie?

February 7, 2019

Looking to fill up your e-reader with delicious M/M romance this February? Look no further! Check out this lovely bundle, brought to you via BookFunnel:

You can snag a copy of my own BY THE RIVER there, not to mention a bunch of other good stuff. You have the option to sign up for newsletters, but "option" is the key word there. You do you--and enjoy the romance ♥

Also, I wanted to bring attention to an auction on Facebook this week: 

There are loads of books, eBooks, author services, and other goodies up for grabs, and will be through the 11th. All proceeds go to help two authors in the LGBTQIA romance community who've been hit hard by the wild flooding in Queensland, Australia right now. Check it out!

And in closing, congrats to the winner of the newsletter giveaway! Look out for future giveaways and freebies in my newsletter, Katey Hawthorne's Somethingorothers: A Rare Newsletter. Sign up here!

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