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July 30, 2019

All the Superpowered Love books + Blood and Clockwork are now returned to existence, yay! The links on all the pages should be sorted out, though I'm still waiting for a few vendors to go live with the last few in the SL series, and print editions won't happen until fall. What a relief, though! Thanks so much to LT3 for making that SO much easier than it could've been by giving us authors our covers and files to use. ♥

The Kanaan & Tilney books will come back to life shortly, too. Summer means when I'm home, Jenna's not, and when Jenna's home, I'm not, of course. But never fear that they'll be back, and book 3 is nearly extant in first draft form. Just a chapter or two to go and we're there!

While updating links all over the place, I decided to turn the faq, which was pretty outdated, into a kind of index for people. If you have any ideas for improvement or comments on what I could do better, please don't hesitate to send them along. I've never tried this before and it's quite tricky to index by identity as it turns out, especially when we're talking relative to sexuality sometimes. Possibly one of you will have a better idea for that. 

Now that I'm really done with my old stuff, at long last, it's time to focus on what's up next. I've been dropping hints about a few projects as I've worked over the last year or two, but here's the deal on my two main projects at the moment:

1. The Rise of Virginie. This will be my first full-length contemporary novel! It focuses on my hometown of Wellsburg, WV. Wellsburg is a great, quiet place to grow up for some and frankly harrowing for others--a situation severely exacerbated by the current opioid epidemic. For years now, I've been reading and researching about the causes of the epidemic (spoiler alert: CORPORATE GREED and willful ignorance about addiction), because I've felt super helpless in the face of it. We've all lost people, at this point, and I never know if I'm more sad or angry.

What I can do is write a book, so that's where I am. Virginie is the name of their band, my small town would-be rockstars struggling with all sorts of everyday problems--and a couple that are far from everyday. It stars a poetic preacher's son who graduated from college early and a 19-year-old guitarist who's been couch surfing for a month rather than stay in a home ruined by addiction. It's not been an easy ride for me or for them, but I think it's gonna come out okay. ;)

Any profits from this book (in perpetuity) will go to help people in my home county who have been screwed over by this epidemic: people with addiction and their families. More on this soon, but I'm just about ready to churn out a second draft with the help of my editor, Raven, and so the ball is rolling! Y'all know I don't do angsty stuff often, so it tends to take me longer >.>

2. Superpowered Love 9: Under Siege. Here, at last, we get Kieran Hooper's story! Kieran is the sweet party boy from Losing Better, the sometime lover of Gabriel and Andrew. Three years after Gabriel and Andrew got together, Kieran finds himself staying with them temporarily (probably) thanks to an ugly breakup. And then Gabriel and Andrew bring home Rocco, who's in their protective custody, now, for reasons they can't fully explain.

Kieran, not being awakened (aka not having superpowers) is the only one in the dark in the house, but he's drawn to Rocco, a pretty, genderfluid guy fond of heavy metal and long skirts. As the reader can immediately guess, Rocco's secrets have a lot to do with Andrew and Gabriel's... and Kieran is not altogether happy about being out of the loop, even if he's not sure what the loop IS. Still, lots of good action, sweet confessions, and hot sex are bound to occur. That and, yes, an actual siege.

This one has a first draft that's 2/3 done, and I've been bouncing back and forth between it and Virginie. I might just need to finish this first draft now, then concentrate on Virginie's second draft once I manage that mischief. 

Both of these projects are gonna go self-pub. With Virginie that's because of the plans I have for any profits, and with Under Siege, well, the rest of the series has been through two publishers already. That's quite enough! So hang on tight, this should be an adventure.

Thanks for reading my updates! ♥ Katey

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