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November 4, 2019

If you missed out on the Halloween hop, you can get CAPED CRUSADER, a Superpowered Love short about Andrew and Gabriel from LOSING BETTER, for free here now:

My folder (just download the format you like!)
These online retailers

 It'll be popping up at other distributors around the web in the next week or so, too, so if you don't see the one you like, check back. Not Amazon tho. Sorry y'all! They don't like my freebies :D

But wait, there's more! Have you signed up for my newsletter, Katey Hawthorne's Somethingorothers, yet? It's a monthly thing, and it always contains free reads, sneak peeks, and a new giveaway every time--plus a heads up about everything going on in my writing world. If you already subscribe, go and get your shiny new freebie, a novella called THE MISTELL, at BookFunnel.

The Mistell
Pete’s an Art History TA who loves MMORPGs, Pop Art, and getting screwed. Samir’s a shy MBA student in the same gaming guild. When a guild-mate makes an embarrassing sexual mistell—a message sent to everyone when it was meant for her lover alone—it cracks the two guys up… and gives them an excuse to get to know each other. Pete’s love life is complicated, and so’s Samir’s home life, but there’s definitely something between them they both want to explore. If they can communicate with a minimum of mistells, themselves.

I wrote the mistell for a collection called DESIGNATED BOTTOMS back in the day--and it was a glorious collection! Alas that this story has been languishing on my hard drive for five years since Torquere left us. So here it is now, perpetually free and available to newsletter readers. Yay!

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