October Reads Abound!

October 17, 2020

Warm-You-Up Reads

October is my fave time of year, as y'all know! For the last few I've been doing Witchy Boys installments... and now, at last, they're all together, available at Amazon, on KU, and in print! All six sexy, spooky tales in one place, for your enjoyment. check it out!

Cover by Natasha Snow

But wait, there's more! A fabulous shifter collection is also on KU and Amazon for an absolute steal right now. It contains a story of mine about a very confused West Virginian coyote shifter, Open Season. This is a limited edition collection, so grab it while it's hot!

Including JS Bright, Melissa E Costa, Nicole Dennis, Kelly Fox, Jessie G, Miski Harris, Katey Hawthorne, Kris Jacen, Jacki James, Kim Katil, K-Lee Klein, Lynn Michaels, Megs Prichard, Victoria Sue, TL Travis, Sara York--and for one more day only on sale for 2.99. Price goes up to 5.99 tomorrow! (Unless you have KU, but hey!)

Coming Soon...

Remember to check the coming soon page and my Facebook Group for all the news about what's happening next! Now that the flurry of October releases is calming down, I'm really looking forward to my first release with JMS books--and my second (or third, if you count The Mistell!) contemporary novel--Poor Little Rich Boy. Look for it in December, wooo~

Also coming soon, my first ever audio book: Alchemiya, read by Jill Smith!

Kanaan & Tilney are back--and it's weirder than ever!

August 28, 2020

  It's here, yay!! Kanaan & Tilney are off on their third adventure, and it's a weird one, my friends. Check out THE CASE OF THE UNDEAD WOOD at these fine retailers now.

Cover by Aisha Akeju

Praeternaturals—people with paranormal powers—all over Boston know Lowell Kanaan and John Tilney for their discretion and forthrightness as private detectives. They’re also about to move in together, and John seems to be dragging his feet for reasons Lowell can’t fathom. Personal worries are quickly put aside, however, when they get a top-priority case: someone has introduced a blight into the Terran Garden, a kind of living graveyard for dormant Terrans who’ve become one with trees.

Most blights don’t cause trees to start craving human flesh, but somehow, this one has, and one Gardener is already dead. If Lowell and John can’t navigate the back-channels of Terran politics and secrecy quickly enough, more dead will certainly follow. Accusations abound: a Necromorph revenge plot, a widower’s anger, a friend’s jealousy, political maneuvering, or simply an ugly accident. The only thing that’s clear is the carnage will get worse until Lowell and John discover who introduced this new blight and why they’d desecrate sacred Terran ground.

Just when Lowell was starting to think he’d seen it all… foliage zombies.

For sneak peeks, a quiz to find out which faction you'd fit into (aka what kinds of superpowers you'd have!), and a great giveaway, follow the blog tour. It starts today at XTreme Delusions with a plotty excerpt. Next week it moves to My Fiction NookJoyfully JayLove BytesBooks Tattoos and Tea, and Great Ace Club, where it's the book of the month!

Hot New Superpowered Love, Fresh Off the Presses!

February 17, 2020

Yay, a new SUPERPOWERED LOVE book! About damn time, amiright? Don't worry, the final two will come much quicker than this one did ♥ Snap up your copy at these fine retailers--and more on the way.

I've got a couple of goodies for y'all today. 

First, original concepts for Rocco and Kieran, as drawn by Astro.

Rocco by Astro

Kieran, aka Glitterbug, by Astro

Cute right?? I love them so!

Next, soundtrack time, of course! 

“War Pigs” – Black Sabbath (Paranoid)
“Get Lucky” – Daft Punk (Random Access Memories)
“Master of Puppets” – Metallica (Master of Puppets)
“Hey Brother” – Avicii (True)
“Modern Love” – David Bowie (Let’s Dance)
“Enter Sandman” – Metallica (The Black Album)
“Little Dark Age” – MGMT (Little Dark Age)
“Superbeast” – Rob Zombie (Hellbilly Deluxe)
“Ooh La La” – Goldfrapp (Supernature)
“Shine” – Motörhead (Another Perfect Day)
“Express Yourself” – Madonna (Express Yourself)
“It Could’ve Been Me” – The Struts (Everybody Wants)
“I Don’t Want to Change the World” – Ozzy Osbourne (No More Tears)
“The Skins” – Scissor Sisters (Scissor Sisters, UK bonus)
“No Excuses” – Alice in Chains (Jar of Flies)
“Killer Queen” – Queen (Sheer Heart Attack)

Why yes, yes this one does feature a metalhead and a dancing queen, thanks for asking.

(You can see all my playlists for various books here, tho!)


Want some excerpts, a giveaway, and fun times? Follow along with the release blitz~

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Under Siege Cover Reveal

February 6, 2020

It's here at last! Check out the gorgeous new Natasha Snow cover for Superpowered Love 9: Under Siege at Joyfully Jay today, along with some links and freebie info.  ♥

Virginie Extras and Reviews + Superpowered News

January 21, 2020

Thanks to everyone who made the release of The Rise of Virginie so much fun. I love you all so much! If you're interested in some blog posts and reviews, check out the blog tour schedule below from earlier in the month, where I've linked everything that happened. Thanks to Michelle at Vibrant Promotions for making it happen!

Unless specified, these posts have the same excerpt and info in them. <3 p="">

Love Bytes (Includes guest post: "Hometown Proud", in which I talk writing about my hometown.)
The Blogger Girls (Includes guest post: "The Soundtrack of their Lives" with exclusive "liner notes" to the Virginie soundtrack.)
Diverse Reader (Includes TWO reviews, one by Sammy and one by Truus.)
Xtreme Delusions (Includes a review buy ButtonsMom.)
MM Midnight Cafe (Includes guest post: "Naming the Band" about how Virginie got their name.)
Bayou Book Junkie (Includes a review by Mari.)

For more fun extras like bonus liner notes and even readings, hit up my FB group.

So what's next? Superpowered Love, of course! It's been a wild couple of years for this series, as it has been republished twice (phew!), but it's finally up and running again, with only three books to go. And yes, that includes book 9: Under Siege. I'll keep you updated, but look for a cover reveal on February 6 at Joyfully Jay just before the release itself on February 17.

And then, Coastal Magic! More on that later! 

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