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January 21, 2020

Thanks to everyone who made the release of The Rise of Virginie so much fun. I love you all so much! If you're interested in some blog posts and reviews, check out the blog tour schedule below from earlier in the month, where I've linked everything that happened. Thanks to Michelle at Vibrant Promotions for making it happen!

Unless specified, these posts have the same excerpt and info in them. <3 p="">

Love Bytes (Includes guest post: "Hometown Proud", in which I talk writing about my hometown.)
The Blogger Girls (Includes guest post: "The Soundtrack of their Lives" with exclusive "liner notes" to the Virginie soundtrack.)
Diverse Reader (Includes TWO reviews, one by Sammy and one by Truus.)
Xtreme Delusions (Includes a review buy ButtonsMom.)
MM Midnight Cafe (Includes guest post: "Naming the Band" about how Virginie got their name.)
Bayou Book Junkie (Includes a review by Mari.)

For more fun extras like bonus liner notes and even readings, hit up my FB group.

So what's next? Superpowered Love, of course! It's been a wild couple of years for this series, as it has been republished twice (phew!), but it's finally up and running again, with only three books to go. And yes, that includes book 9: Under Siege. I'll keep you updated, but look for a cover reveal on February 6 at Joyfully Jay just before the release itself on February 17.

And then, Coastal Magic! More on that later! 

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