October Reads Abound!

October 17, 2020

Warm-You-Up Reads

October is my fave time of year, as y'all know! For the last few I've been doing Witchy Boys installments... and now, at last, they're all together, available at Amazon, on KU, and in print! All six sexy, spooky tales in one place, for your enjoyment. check it out!

Cover by Natasha Snow

But wait, there's more! A fabulous shifter collection is also on KU and Amazon for an absolute steal right now. It contains a story of mine about a very confused West Virginian coyote shifter, Open Season. This is a limited edition collection, so grab it while it's hot!

Including JS Bright, Melissa E Costa, Nicole Dennis, Kelly Fox, Jessie G, Miski Harris, Katey Hawthorne, Kris Jacen, Jacki James, Kim Katil, K-Lee Klein, Lynn Michaels, Megs Prichard, Victoria Sue, TL Travis, Sara York--and for one more day only on sale for 2.99. Price goes up to 5.99 tomorrow! (Unless you have KU, but hey!)

Coming Soon...

Remember to check the coming soon page and my Facebook Group for all the news about what's happening next! Now that the flurry of October releases is calming down, I'm really looking forward to my first release with JMS books--and my second (or third, if you count The Mistell!) contemporary novel--Poor Little Rich Boy. Look for it in December, wooo~

Also coming soon, my first ever audio book: Alchemiya, read by Jill Smith!

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