An Elemental is a spirit embodying one of the five elements of antiquity: Earth (solid), Water (liquid), Wind (gas), Fire (heat), Aether (quintessence.) - Wiki
The Elementals books are modern, magical realist takes on those old school fairy stories. You know the ones, the tragic, falling in love with someone not-quite-human kind. But easy on the tragedy, and heavy on the love.

These books have no connection to each other except the thematic one. They can be read in any order or skipped altogether!


By the River. Adam came home to find himself, and found a sweet swimmer boy instead. But there's more to Leith than meets the eye, a magic that might slip through Adam's fingers all too easily. Just like water. Click for details.

Watch this space.


Back to the Sky. Geordie’s free-flying lifestyle is the exact opposite of everything Zane’s father has planned for him—and that’s not all Zane wants from him. Geordie’s willing to be had, but is it just for the moment? Click for details.

Watch this space.

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